Eden 100 Park in Lumban Julu Toba Offers Natural Tourism Education

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Pemandangan Taman Eden 100 yang berada di kabupaten Toba, Sumatera Utara (ANTARA FOTO/NOVA WAHYUDI)
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NUSADAILY.COM – BALIGE – Eden 100 Park located in Toba Regency, North Sumatra, offers the concept of natural tourism education because of its location that has many spots and various activities can be done in the region.

The founder of Tamen Eden 100, Marandus Sirait, in Balige, Thursday, said, as the name suggests, Eden Garden 100 is a tour with a natural feel and at the time of its formation planted with 100 types of plants.

According to Marandus, Eden Park 100 is located in North Sionggung Village, Lumban Julu District, Toba Regency is suitable for camping, mountain climbing and for fauna and flora research. It has a number of good waterfalls that are two levels, seven levels and there is also a waterfall that is right at the mouth of the cave.

There is also Bukit Manja that will pamper visitors with the background of the vast Lake Toba. As well as samosir island that is clearly visible.

In addition, there is also Mount Pangulubao with an altitude of approximately 2,150 meters above sea level which is about 6 km from the post. To achieve it many challenges that must be passed so much loved by jungle adventurers and mountaineers.

In that location there are also various types of typical plants such as tahul-tahul (Nephenthes), Batak flowers (Macodes Petola), Soripada flowers (Malakis) and various types of rare orchids.

Greening and Improving the Economy

On that occasion He also told that in 2007, a tree bank was established in the Garden of Eden 100 to supply seeds to the Lake Toba area. In order to green and improve the economy of underprivileged people.

“Eden Garden 100 also provides a tree planting location. For guests who have a commitment in the preservation of nature, seeds and signage that plant we also provide,” he said.

Secretary of the Cultural and Tourism Office of Toba Regency, Agus Karo-Karo said that his party highly appreciates what Marandus Sirait initiated. Because it has an impact on the progress of the region and the development of tourism in the region.

“There are many concepts that can be offered in the Garden of Eden 100 and will certainly spoil visitors. Especially those who like adventure tours,” he said. (lal)