Governor Khofifah: Tuition Fee of Senior High School in East Java is Free

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الحاكمة خفيفة: SPP SMA / SMK في جاوى الشرقية مجاني، ولا توجد رسوم
Khofifah Indar Parawansa.
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NUSADAILY.COM – SURABAYA – Governor of East Java, Khofifah Indar Parawansa asserted that education development contributions (SPP) for all high school / vocational high school students in East Java are free.

Khofifah also asked schools not to charge students, especially new students in any form and name.


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“This free SPP program has been running since 2019. So schools are not allowed to collect a penny from students. All are free, all of East Java, “said Khofifah at the Grahadi State Building, Tuesday 7 July 2020 morning.

Khofifah said, the replacement of SPP for SMA and SMK in East Java could be optimized from the use of BOS funds (School Operational Costs) and East Java Province APBD funds in the form of BPOPP (Operational Supporting Operational Costs) for the 2020 Budget Year.

While for private high schools / vocational schools, the provincial government only provides special subsidies, so that they will not be fully free.

“Through this free SPP program, I want to ease the burden on the community while minimizing the number of school dropouts in East Java. God willing, the amount is reduced every year, “he said.

Khofifah appealed to the community to report to the local Education Office if they encountered violations by the school related to the SPP.

Related to the teaching and learning process, Khofifah said the plan for teaching and learning activities in East Java would begin on the 13th of July. All teaching and learning processes will be carried out online.

Khofifah hopes that all education personnel will continue to maintain optimism and enthusiasm throughout the education process even though it must be done online.

“We both continue to pray that the Covid-19 emergency situation will soon pass and teaching and learning activities can take place as usual,” he added.

Clarification to a number of public schools
Meanwhile, Head of East Java Education Office Wahid Wahyudi, added that SMA and SMK Negeri in East Java are prohibited from making fees, fees or other forms that are mandatory to new students.

Responding to some information about the obligation to pay a sum of money to state schools, the Education Office will immediately clarify these schools.

“Fundraising in the form of voluntary donations can only be done by the School Committee in accordance with the mandate of the Ministry of Education and Culture No. 75 of 2016. The form is in the form of assistance and / or voluntary donations, not levies,” he explained.

Regarding the many complaints about the cost of school uniforms charged to students, Wahid requested that schools give students the freedom to buy outside and not necessarily in school cooperatives.

He also hoped that the school cooperative would provide a payment mechanism in the form of payment in installments. (Ima / lna)

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