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There is something new in Lawang Sewu, a photo tour to wear costumes from Japan to the Netherlands

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NUSADAILY.COM – SEMARANG – Lawang Sewu tourism object in Semarang, Central Java which is quite famous for its mysticism, offers a new destination. Tourists can now take pictures with typical Japanese Kimono accessories.

The innovation was conveyed in the upload of PT Kereta Api Pariwisata (Kawisata) @kawisata’s Instagram account. Enough to pay Rp. 60,000 per photo session, including kimono costumes and accessories, tourists will become impromptu models plus photographed by professional photographers.

“Our idea is to continue to develop and manage Lawang Sewu with a variety of existing facilities while adhering to health protocols,” Public Relations Manager of Kawisata Ilud Siregar, quoted from

Meanwhile, President Director of PT Kawisata Totok Suryono, in his official statement said, this photo activity was one of the efforts to attract tourists to visit Lawang Sewu.

Tourists can try out “Japanese style” starting at 08: 00-17: 00 WIB in the area provided. No need to worry, the costumes provided are sterile. The photo area has also been arranged so that if there is a queue, so that it can still keep a distance.

“Kimono is sprayed with disinfectant. Every time you wear it, the costume will be silenced. Tourists will be directed to wear other costumes, “said Ilud.

There are Dutch and Javanese costumes

In addition to providing costumes and accessories typical of Japan, Ilud said it also provided other costumes namely Dutch and Javanese traditional clothing.

However, borrowing costumes and accessories can only be used as property for photographs and cannot be used within a certain duration to get around in Lawang Sewu.

“If there is a request, we review it again. We try to how visitors continue to support and love to travel in Lawang Sewu, “concluded Ilud.

Regarding the selection of costumes lent, Ilud said that everything was related to the history of the establishment of Lawang Sewu.

“Going forward, we will continue to innovate and not rule out the possibility of other traditional costume nuances,” Totok said.

Lawang Sewu reopened on July 9, 2020. Every visitor who comes must use a mask, wash his hands, check his temperature, and obey the rules of distance.

During new normal, Lawang Sewu is open every day with new operating hours, starting at 08:00 – 17:00 WIB. The capacity of tourists is also limited to 50 percent of full capacity.

During a pandemic like this, don’t forget to pay attention to the Covid-19 preventive health protocol, which is by wearing a mask, washing your hands with soap, and keeping a distance when visiting. (lna)

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