Casino Gambling House in Las Vegas Turned into a Food Bank

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STRONG: Tulisan "Vegas Strong" dari sebuah gedung kasino di Las Vegas, Nevada, AS. (REUTERS/STEVE MARCUS)

NUSADAILY.COM-LAS VEGAS- Casino gambling house in Las Vegas, USA has been turned into a food bank. It functions as a food coordination center from donations which are mobilized by a number of parties. This was done to minimize food shortages due to the new corona virus (COVID-19).

The vast land that originally contained a row of cars is now occupied by hundreds of people waiting in line to wait for their turn to get food.

“We can get fruit, vegetables, meat, milk … and with the rest of the money I have. I was able to pay the electricity bill, “said Michelle Manning, 92, who was queuing up with her grandchildren, as reported by from AFP today.

“And it’s safer than going to the grocery store,” said Michelle, who is the parent of one of the casino operator employees who was laid off as a result of COVID-19.

The location is one of 20 Las Vegas gambling houses. They coordinate food supplies from donations from the government, private sector and local vendors.

Larry Scott, Chief Operating Officer of the Three Square Food Bank nonprofit, said the food was worth consuming because it was stored on casinos’ shelves and coolers.

Former employee

Most of the queues at the casino are the families of former employees of gambling houses in Las Vegas. They were dismissed because of the closure of gambling house operations when COVID-19 spread in the US.

About a third of the workforce in Nevada, Las Vegas, generally work in the tourism sector, including gambling houses and hospitality. MGM Resort for example, they laid off 63,000 staff.

Tom Schiffhauer, a 62-year-old poker agent from the Orleans casino, was dismissed when COVID-19 entered the US.

His wife who works at the Rio hotel must also be sent home.

“I’ve been here for 40 years and I’ve never seen anything like this … This is strange,” he was quoted as saying by the mother of, while waiting in line for food.

Nevertheless, they were not completely dismissed. Employees will return to work when the government issues a license to reopen the business. (Cak)

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