Some Benefits of Digital Library for Academic World

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digitalisasi akademik
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NUSADAILY.COM – JAKARTA – Developing digital libraries brings benefits to the academic world, both for students and teachers.

Speaking in the context of the Polri educational institution, Professor of The College of Police Sciences (STIK) Adrianus Eliasta Meliala said that digital libraries facilitate the collection of academic literature from home and abroad related to police science and its side by side.

“This is a breakthrough in cheap and affordable,” adrianus said in the webinar “Strengthening Literacy Culture Through Innovation of Digital-Based Library Services to Realize Superior HR”.

Instead of buying in large quantities for each library, educational institutions such as STIK can buy books and digitize them so that they can be widely accessed in a more practical way. Funds that were originally intended to buy physical books can be allocated to other needs with the existence of digitization.

Ombudsman members also explained that the existence of digital libraries is important because the work of students needs to be enshrined. In addition, library collections spread across various educational institutions, especially the National Police, must be integrated.

Similarly, research activities in various institutions and publications related to the police and police need to be collected.

Improve Academic Quality

Digital libraries bring advantages to improve the quality of academic and academic administration, he continued. Students and researchers can freely search for library works in various places through the help of technology, not just collections of local libraries.

“Now it’s hard to find literacy (due to the pandemic),” he said.

Finding new topics for research materials is also made easier by the presence of digital libraries. Students or researchers can easily find out the latest research topics, then adjust to their own research plans.

For the teacher side, the ease of accessing the latest libraries digitally can improve the quality of teaching. There are times when teachers use old library references with the reason it is difficult to find the latest books. With digital libraries, there is no longer any difficulty in finding cutting-edge materials.

Adrianus continued, digitization can also suppress plagiarism. Similarities between one work and another can be easier to detect when inserted into a digital library. “Can see plagiarism.”

Not only that, the performance of researchers or staff assigned to educational institutions can also be easily recorded so as to create transparency. (mic)