New Security Feature Release, WhatsApp Adds Biometric Authentication to Go to Desktop

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WhatsApp tambah autentikasi biometrik untuk masuk ke desktop (
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NUSADAILY.COM – JAKARTA – Facebook’s messaging platform, WhatsApp, is adding a new security feature of biometric authentication on mobile phones when linking accounts to a web browser.

“Today we began releasing a new security feature for WhatsApp Web and Desktop: a face and fingerprint scanner to open an account when linked to a device,” WhatsApp announced via its Twitter account on Thursday (28/1) reported from among.

“WhatsApp doesn’t see your face or fingerprint data,” WhatsApp added.

According to The Verge report, the new system will be enabled by default on all iPhone devices running iOS 14 with Touch ID or Face ID, and any Android device that enables biometric authentication.

That means users must use to link their accounts unless they disable biometric authentication for their entire device.

Users who don’t have biometric authentication setup on their phone, or turn it off, will be able to link their accounts as usual.

As with other biometric security uses on modern smartphones, the new system does not mean that WhatsApp accesses or collects facial scans or fingerprints.

The system uses the same biometric data APIs as each other application does to access the security system on the device as an extra authentication measure before allowing users to connect with their account.

Biometric systems for linking accounts to the WhatsApp web are the same as using a finished fingerprint to log into a banking app, for example. Thus, the system does not give WhatsApp access to users’ personal information.

“Chat is just for you,” tweeted @WhatsApp, adding an eye emoji.

WhatsApp said that an update will be rolled out for compatible devices in the coming weeks. (mic)