Chinese Anti-Submarine Aircraft Cross The Taiwan Border

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Pesawat tempur di bawah Komando Armada Timur Angkatan Laut China bersiap mengudara dari pangkalan militer di Provinsi Zhejiang awal Juli 2020. (Sumber foto: ANTARA/HO-ChinaMilitary/mii)
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NUSADAILY.COM – TAIPEI – Two Chinese anti-submarine planes crossed Taiwan’s defense identification on Wednesday. The plane was warned to leave by the Taiwanese air force.

This was announced by the Taiwan Defense Ministry on Thursday, the day a senior US official was scheduled to arrive on the island.

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Taiwan has repeatedly complained about increased Chinese military activity in its airspace and surrounding waters. The move is seen by Taipei as part of Beijing’s efforts to get the island to accept Chinese sovereignty.

Last week, Taiwan said China was carrying out a two-day mass military exercise off the southwest coast. Namely between mainland Taiwan and the Pratas Islands which are controlled by Taiwan.

The military exercise has been described by China as a “necessary measure” to protect its sovereignty.

Taiwan’s Defense Ministry said two Chinese anti-submarine planes flew around the same airspace to the southwest, and were given a verbal warning by Taiwanese authorities over the radio to leave.

Taiwan’s air force is also monitoring the two Chinese aircraft, the defense department said in a brief statement.

The announcement comes on the same day US Deputy Secretary for Economic Affairs Keith Krach is due to arrive in Taiwan, on a visit that is likely to further anger Beijing, which regularly denounces US support for Taiwan.

When US Health Secretary Alex Azar visited Taiwan last month, the highest-ranking US official to visit Taiwan in four decades, a number of Chinese air force jets briefly crossed the centerline of the Taiwan Strait.

The Chinese air force jet was tracked by a Taiwan missile. (cal)

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