BPIP: Social Media Promotes Civilization and Maintains Morality

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Kegiatan Webinar bertajuk "Gotong Royong Pembumian Pancasila Melalui Media". Istimewa
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NUSADAILY.COM – JAKARTA – Deputy of Interagency Relations, Socialization, Communication, and Network, Pancasila Ideology Development Agency (BPIP) held a webinar titled “Gotong Royong Grounding Pancasila Through Media” Saturday, February 27, 2021 which was attended by 130 participants.

The activity was opened directly by the Main Secretary of BPIP, Karjono who represents to BPIP, in his speech he explained that in this digital era information becomes no limit of space and time.

In addition, he also alluded to the rise of hoax news that circulated, according to Karjono should social media users should be wise and use the heart in social media.

“It does not close the possibility of hoax news therefore let’s use the heart in using the media that is polite and wise in using it,” he said.

In addition, Karjono also added that the ITE and Press Law should be supported and appreciated. So that all parties should make social media comfortable.

“We support and respect the ITE Law and the Press because freedom and freedom of the press are guaranteed in this country. But free is not completely free because it still has to be based on norms, not turning over facts, etc. For that let’s make the media comfortable,” he added.

Expert Staff of the Minister of Communication and Mass Media of the Ministry of Communication and Informatics, Henri Subiakto who was also a speaker in this activity explained that this digital era is very important to understand Pancasila.

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“In this era must understand that Pancasila and the state is a gift that must be maintained. Diversity is very extraordinary can unite because the founding father used to promise and be united by the same spirit of building the nation with the Ideology of Pancasila,” explained Henri.

In addition, he also asserted that Indonesia is a captured territory and many want to stick a new ideology in Indonesia. Therefore we must carefully guard this nation.

“The pseudo-truth is created as if it were true because many of its supporters are not necessarily in that nature,” he added.

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He also said that the press is now inseparable from digital. Inevitably the press has to be in the digital space.

“The press has a responsibility to maintain policy values, strengthen national values, and positive content instead of trash cans,” Henri concluded.

Meanwhile, the President’s special staff, Ayu Kartika Dewi emphasized that the media function is not just entertainment.

“The function of the media is open as entertainment only, the media is the school of all time,” Said Ayu.

Ayu added that the important role of the media is to make the public eye, explain various phenomena, teach education norms, and entertainment.

“The important role of the media of the time is to be in the public eye, explaining various phenomena, teaching education norms, and entertainment,” Explained Ayu.

Related to the implementation of Ayu explained the implementation of pancasila is good internalization of oneself in daily life.

Another point was also explained by the Special Staff of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of BPIP, Antonius Benny Susetyo. According to him today in the media many masked people who want to show his existence.

“In the media now the person is anonymous so that people can wear masks because they do not come face to face with the person. In this mask plays many roles because it wants to show its existence,” explained Father Benny his familiar greeting.

Related to the element of SARA, Father Benny added that it is now a strong magnet on social media that certainly endangers the integrity of the nation.

“Sara’s problem is very strong to be a magnet for discussion in the mass media and many segemennya. This certainly jeopardizes the integrity of the nation,” he explained.

In addition, related to fake news or hoaxes, Benny explained that it will cause panic and destroy the culture of humanity so that it must be countered with positive content.

“Hoaxes create panic, destroy the culture of humanity, and dispel hope. We have to make public spaces with positive content. If this continues to be filled then positive behavior will be realized,” he concluded.

In closing Benny advised that the role of social media should be able to advance civilization and maintain public morality.

“The role of the future of social media must be able to realize to advance civilization not destroy civility and maintain public morality,” he concluded. (sir/kal)