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The National Police Chief Will Give a 58 Pin Gold Prize to Outstanding National Police Members

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NUSADAILY.COM – JAKARTA – For real performance, the eradication of drugs and acts of thuggery is a firm commitment of the West Jakarta Regional Police under the command of its Police Chief, Senior Commissioner Pol Hengki Haryadi. Protection of young people from the dangers of drugs and the public from acts of thuggery becomes a plumb line applied in their jurisdiction.

With this commitment, drug cases from national to international scale were able to be well revealed by the West Jakarta Metro Police Narcotics Unit. Likewise with thuggery from street criminals to high-class thugs, is firmly eradicated by West Jakarta Metro Police Criminal Investigation Unit.

Various achievements of the West Jakarta Metro Police received appreciation from the Head of Police of the Republic of Indonesia in the form of 58 gold pins as of November 4, 2019 through SKEP/KAPOLRI NUMBER: 2086/XI/2019 totaling 20 gold pins and SKEP KAPOLRI NUMBER: 1669/XI/2019 totaling 38 gold pin. A total of 58 members of the West Jakarta Metro Police Unit received gold pins from the National Police Chief General Idham Azis.

West Jakarta Police Chief Hengki Haryadi revealed, the 58 gold pin award was the result of the hard work of its members who had worked well. Later it will be immediately pinned also to its members which of course adds to the enthusiasm in working and hunting.

“This is an appreciation for the performance of West Jakarta Metro Police members to remain committed to combating crime in the West Jakarta jurisdiction. 58 gold pins will be pinned in the near future,” Hengki told reporters in Jakarta, Thursday, December 5, 2019.

Later this award is given to members who excel in revealing a series of prominent cases, namely: Buser’s disclosure related to 1.3-ton marijuana drug cases, clandestine laboratory from local raw materials that are able to produce imported quality methamphetamine; disclosure of 40 Kg methamphetamine narcotics, international network of methamphetamine narcotics cases, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia with 5 sacks of 120 Kilograms of methamphetamine. In addition, this is a blessing from the act of gangster gangsterism in the Hercules group in the Kalideres region of West Jakarta.

Not just a gold pin, a member of the West Jakarta Metro Police Narcotics Unit named Aiptu Benni Santoso Pandiangan, got a promotion of the Police Inspector School Education (SIP) in 2020.

As is known, West Jakarta Police’s commitment to eradicate drugs in its jurisdiction by successfully dismantling the International Network Drug Cartel with evidence of 28 kilograms of methamphetamine from America, immediately received high appreciation with the award from the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

vvvAccording to Hengki, eradicating crime is the duty of the police, but the existence of this award can spur the enthusiasm of members to increase work beyond the set standards, and also be a pride for the risk of work undertaken in pursuing a career. (dan)

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