The beauty of Ngliyep Beach Inspires Bung Karno to Create Poetry

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NUSADAILY.COM-MALANG – For residents of Malang Regency, Ngliyep Beach, is an asset of beauty that is always guarded. Even the First President of Indonesia, Bung Karno, was fascinated by its natural beauty to be enshrined in a poem.

Ngliyep Beach is a beach on the south coast, located on the edge of the Indian Ocean precisely in Kedungsalam Village, Donomulyo District, Malang Regency, East Java, about 62 km south of Malang City.

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From Malang, Ngliyep is very easy to reach because since 1980 access to the beach has been paved.

If you use public transportation from Malang city, you can take the Microbus route GN1, namely the Gadang-Ngliyep line via Donomulyo or the GN2 line, the Gadang-Ngliyep line via Sumbermanjing kulon or what is now known as the Pagak District.

The area of ​​the Ngliyep Beach tourism area is approximately 10 hectares consisting of protected forests. In the 1980s, Ngliyep Beach was a favorite tourist destination in East Java. Even before the Balekambang beach and Sendangbiru Beach were known to tourists, this beach was far more known.

It is said that this beach was first discovered by Mbah Atun, a migrant from Jogjakarta, in 1919 and began to be officially opened in 1951

Ngliyep has a very beautiful panorama, has a stretch of soft white sand and a large play area with shady trees. Even the waves are interesting enough to be enjoyed.

That’s why the name Ngliyep means that everyone who sees this beach will feel sleepy and fall asleep (Javanese: liyep-liyep). Ngliyep is surrounded by cliffs and a stretch of surrounding tropical forest.

There is a small island called Mount Kombang which has a petilasan that can be visited.

Not far from Ngliyep, on the left, there is a bay with a view that is no less beautiful namely Teluk Putri.

To go there, visitors can simply walk to the left side and then up the hill that is not too high. Called the Gulf of Princess, because the bay is coated in white sand very clean and smooth soft as smooth as the skin of the princesses.

Sand thickness is approximately 40 cm. Indeed, a vast expanse of sand is no more than 100 meters but comfortable for a secluded spot. It’s just that visitors here must be careful because sometimes the waves can be quite large.

Therefore visitors are not allowed to approach until the shoreline. Visitors can only be on the white sand.

Every 14th of the month of Maulud (Rabiulawal), Ngliyep beach will be busier than an ordinary day because there are always harbor events. This harbor activity has been hereditary since Mbah Atun, a person who is believed to be the inventor of Ngliyep.

Labuhan is a Javanese traditional community activity in the form of salvation by slaughtering goats or cows that are offered to communities around the coast. However, some food is also barred or scattered into the middle of the sea.

The ceremony was carried out by the Kedungsalam community with a variety of offerings accompanied by Jaranan art and guards wearing traditional clothing. The offerings are paraded towards Mount Kombang which is approximately 300 m across a bridge from the Ngliyep guesthouse.

Mount Kombang is not a mountain name. But this is the name of a small island located not far from the Ngliyep Beach area. This island can be reached by visitors just on foot. Visitors only need to cross a bridge to get to this small island.

On Mount Kombang there is a sacred tomb and a petilasan place. Reportedly the petilasan was the appearance of Nyi Roro Kidul. Besides this place is often used by the community to put offerings. Not only putting offerings but sometimes some people come to seek blessings here.

On Mount Kombang, visitors can take pictures because of the beautiful place. Visitors must also be careful because the waves near the mountain are very large. This causes visitors can not play water or swim. Visitors must also maintain politeness because the place is considered sacred by residents.

Camping at Ngliyep Beach

Visitors who want to camp can camp on this beach. Visitors can bring their camping gear. If you do not bring a tent, the beach manager has provided tent rentals. Tent rental prices range from Rp150,000 depending on the size of the tent.

To light, a campfire is also welcome as long as you have to be careful. Visitors who camp, do not bring food also need not worry. On this beach, there are stalls selling food at affordable prices. Visitors can also catch fish and burn them.

For visitors who are camping are not expected to be too close to the beach. Because at night the waves tend to be bigger. The manager also advised to always maintain the cleanliness of the beach by bringing home the garbage from the stay.


For facilities, it can be quite complete. Indeed, these facilities are still managed independently by residents.

Some facilities that support the convenience of visitors include toilets, food and beverage stalls, souvenir stalls, parking lots, 6 inns, 2 cottages, guesthouses for gatherings, 4 meetings, musala, tent rentals, rental of mats. (A. Hanan Jalil )

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