WhatsApp Limits Forward Features because of Many COVID-19 Misinformations

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NUSDAILY.COM-JAKARTA – WhatsApp will limit the message forwarding feature, or forward, in order to limit the spread of hoaks during the corona virus pandemic.

“As a private messaging service, over the years we have made several efforts to help keep conversations private for users,” WhatsApp said in a press statement, quoted Wednesday 8 April 2020.

WhatsApp will limit the feature of forwarding messages. Users can only forward these messages to one chat (chat) at a time. Test results Between this morning, messages on WhatsApp can still be forwarded to several chats in one send.

Messages that are forwarded, or forwarded, are marked with a double arrow icon, double arrows. This feature was introduced last year, to mark that the message did not originate from the sender.

According to WhatsApp, restrictions on forwarding messages can reduce viral levels by up to 25 percent.

“We believe it is very important to prevent the spread of these messages so that WhatsApp remains the right place to establish personal conversations,” WhatsApp said.

WhatsApp does not argue that viral messages always mean bad. However, they considered too many messages that viruses could potentially contain misinformation.

WhatsApp has been collaborating with the Ministry of Communication and Information since March to launch Covid19.go.id chatbot to reduce incorrect information about the corona virus in Indonesia.

This chatbot service provides information from official sources related to COVID-19 as well as tips for protecting yourself from the corona virus.

WhatsApp also makes a similar service for WHO so that their users around the world can get information about COVID-19 from official sources.

In addition to Indonesia, Facebook Inc.’s platform also works with more than 20 health ministries around the world. (yos)