The Trade Minister Aims for OIC Countries as Export Destinations

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Menteri Perdagangan (Mendag) Agus Suparmanto.(Ist)
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NUSADAILY.COM – JAKARTA – The Minister of Trade (Minister of Trade) Agus Suparmanto revealed that in terms of market size, the Islamic Cooperation Organization (OIC) countries are an extremely large export market.

This is because the OIC consists of 57 member countries, with a total Muslim population of 1.86 billion people or around 24.1 percent, of the total world population. This population does not include Muslims outside OIC member countries, such as India with 195 million Muslims and Ethiopia, with 35.6 million Muslims.

“Most of the OIC member countries with the majority of the population are Muslims, have quite high compliance standards for guaranteed halal products. This makes OIC countries a market with great opportunities, ”said the Trade Minister, as quoted in his press release, Saturday, October 31, 2020.

The Ministry of Trade (Kemendag) noted that Indonesia’s trade performance to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has shown positive performance throughout January to August 2020.

In the January to August 2020 period, the performance of Indonesia’s trade balance with OIC countries showed positive performance, recording a surplus of US $ 2.46 billion.

In that period, Indonesia was able to record exports to OIC member countries of US $ 12.43 billion. Of the export value, the three products with the highest exports were palm oil (23.88 percent), coal (9.56 percent), and motor vehicle parts (3.95 percent).

Center of the World’s Halal Producers

Agus said, Indonesia has the opportunity to become the center of the world’s halal producers. To achieve this goal, close cooperation between the government, private sector, BUMN, community organizations and the public in general is required.

The Minister of Trade said that the export of Indonesian products to a predominantly Muslim country cannot be separated from the role of producers of Indonesian halal products, particularly for food, cosmetics and medicinal products. These three products contribute a total of 7.42 percent to the world’s imports of halal products.

“The trend of importing halal products in OIC countries for the period 2015 to 2019 tends to increase by 5.27 percent. However, the export market share of Indonesian halal products to OIC countries must be maximized, “said the Trade Minister.

He continued, currently Indonesia is conducting trade agreement negotiations, involving Muslim countries that are members of the OIC and non-OIC, which are potential markets for Indonesian halal products.

OIC Countries that Have an Agreement with Indonesia
For example, OIC member countries that already have trade agreements with Indonesia are Pakistan, Mozambique, Palestine, and Malaysia and Brunei Darussalam within the ASEAN framework.

In addition, Indonesia is currently in the process of negotiating and exploring trade cooperation, with other OIC member countries, for example Turkey, Tunisia, Bangladesh, Iran, Morocco, the Gulf countries, and several Eurasian countries. (Via / Ian)

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