Sluggish Development, Vice President Affirms to Accelerate Bureaucratic Reform

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Wapres saat Penyerahan Penghargaan Top Inovasi Pelayanan Publik, Apresiasi Inovasi Pelayanan Publik Penanganan Covid-19 melalui konferensi video di Jakarta Pusat, Rabu 25 November 2020.
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NUSADAILY.COM – JAKARTA – Vice President (Wapres) KH. Ma’ruf Amin again emphasized that bureaucratic reform must be carried out thoroughly. From upstream to downstream by making improving the quality of public services as the ultimate goal.

“Namely, public services that are in accordance with the expectations of the community, namely an agile bureaucracy, quick to make decisions, and more serving so that sustainable public service innovation needs to be carried out,” he said at the presentation of the Top Public Service Innovation Award, Appreciation of Public Service Innovation for Handling COVID-19 through video conference in Central Jakarta, Wednesday 25 November 2020.

He said, in order to support sustainable development, the government has implemented a bureaucratic reform policy to create a world class government in 2025. “Various breakthroughs in the framework of implementing bureaucratic reform continue to be made. Institutionalizing sustainable public service innovation is a necessity. It must emerge from an organizational culture that is able to anticipate any dynamics that occur, “he said.

Furthermore, the Vice President conveyed that the award for public service innovation should be a model to be developed through knowledge transfer. Then share experiences between public service providers. New ways and methods must be explored according to the needs so that the standard and quality of innovation will continue to increase.

“I ask the Ministry of National Development Planning (Empowerment of State Apparatus and Bureaucratic Reform) to continue to foster public service innovation, starting with the creation of public service innovations, developing innovation in terms of sharing innovation knowledge, and institutionalizing innovation,” said the Vice President.

Revolution era

In the era of the industrial revolution 4.0, the Vice President emphasized that with digital transformation, people increasingly demand fast, precise and quality public services. For that, as an effort to build public trust. So public service providers need to pay attention to several things.

“First, optimization of all resources, especially human resources (human resources), budgets, information technology, and networks, to support innovation in public services that are getting better,” said the Vice President.

Second, the Vice President continued, each service unit needs to be encouraged to produce breakthrough innovations in the context of simplifying business processes related to public services. Third, encourage the implementation of the best innovations that can be adopted and adapted on a national scale.

And fourth, the Vice President hopes that public service providers can take advantage of existing information channels for the dissemination of information on public services and media for active public participation. In addition, the Vice President also appealed to the whole community to continue to actively participate in providing input on improving public services. As well as overseeing every process of formulation, implementation and evaluation of government policies.

The Vice President assessed that forcing public service providers not to give up on the situation. But think more creatively and strategically in making new innovations in public services.

“From a broader perspective, the COVID-19 pandemic has actually become a trigger for all of us to continue to strive for public service innovation, manage public service complaints optimally, and provide the best service to the public while still observing strict health protocols,” the Vice President added .

The Vice President also congratulated KemenPANRB on holding this event. The Vice President also gave his appreciation to all public service providers who have successfully won awards in each category.

“I also congratulate the recipients of the award in the Top 45 Public Service Innovation category, Top 5 Public Service Innovations for the Outstanding Achievement category. Then the Top 21 Public Service Innovations for Handling COVID-19, and the Top 12 Best Public Service Complaint Managers, “said the Vice President.

Concluding his remarks, the Vice President invited public service providers to continue to work together, be productive, obey health protocols, in order to face the current COVID-19 pandemic for a healthy and advanced Indonesia.

“To all public service providers, I hope to accelerate and improve public services in a sustainable and sustainable manner through the best innovations,” said the Vice President. (hud / cal)