Ministry of Finance Form LPI, Commission X DPR RI Encourages the Government to Increase Investment

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Ketua Komisi X DPR RI Dito Ganinduto.
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NUSADAILY. COM- JAKARTA – Chairman of Commission X of the House of Representatives dito Ganinduto said the establishment of an Investment Management Institute (LPI) or Indonesia Investment Authority (INA) can increase and optimize the investment value of the central government. Long-term managed in order to support sustainable development, increase Foreign Direct Investment, and encourage investment.

This was conveyed when he chaired a working meeting during session III year 2020-2021 commission X. Together with Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani and The Ranks Monday, January 25, 2021.

He said that the LPI formed based on the mandate of Law No. 11 of 2020 on Work Copyright gives one hope. For the fulfillment of financing needs for the development and improvement of Foreign Direct Investment in Indonesia in the future.

“The rapid step of the establishment of this LPI on the basis of the mandate of the Work Copyright Law has been followed up with the establishment of derivative regulations through PP 73 of 2020 and PP 74 of 2020. I am optimistic that the establishment of lpi can boost economic growth amidst the momentum of national economic improvement due to the COVID-19 pandemic and as a catalyst for investment and the opening of new jobs,” said Dito.

This is LPI Authority

On the occasion, Dito reminded that the authority given to LPI in the form of placement of funds in cash instruments. Asset management, asset management, determination of prospective investment partners. Then cooperate with other parties including trust fund entities.

“Providing and receiving loans is really implemented with good governance. Prudent, professionalism, and still put forward the principle of prudence that implies the trust of global investors,” said Dito.

Dito is optimistic that the LPI model and structure will be a lot of foreign investors. Who will be interested in investing through LPI through various strategic projects. Which has an attractive return on investment in Indonesia.

“Because the supervision system is very well designed will be the key to the success of the implementation of lpi management,” said Dito.

For information, the birth of LPI aims to increase and optimize the value of investments managed in the long term. In order to support sustainable development. The government has prepared an initial capital of Rp15 trillion. From the total capital fulfillment of Rp75 trillion, the rest will be carried out in stages. (sir/aka)