House Of Representatives: Decision to Move Capital Is Done By Many Other Countries

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NUSADAILY.COM – JAKARTA – Member of Commission VI of the House of Representatives Herman Khaeron reminded that the decision to move the Capital is not unusual but has been done by many other countries on the basis of strong consideration.

“Ideas and efforts to move the nation’s capital are not new. The decision to move and separate the nation’s capital from the center of economic activity is carried out by a number of developed countries,” Herman Khaeron said in a release in Jakarta on Monday.

According to him, in various countries, when the capital of the country began to saturate and there were signs that the megapolitan city was losing its ability to provide adequate public services for citizens, then the decision to move the nation’s capital had to be taken.

He argues that comprehensive consolidation is needed with various institutions and circles.

Moreover, for various SOEs, according to him, the state-owned company must accelerate the readiness of the transfer of the National Capital to Kaltim.

The acceleration, he continued, both in terms of basic infrastructure readiness and support must be built properly and seriously.

“Therefore we must also encourage each other, if it is true later with the indicators of the transfer of the new National Capital can be implemented. Later BUMN must also accelerate for that readiness,” said Herman.

Earlier, Minister of National Development Planning/Head of Bappenas Suharso Monoarfa said the construction of a new National Capital (IKN) would help stimulate the economy.

Lots of Manpower and Materials

Suharso during an online interview with ANTARA in Jakarta, Wednesday (7/4) said the construction of a new capital city certainly requires a lot of manpower and materials so that it will encourage industry players to move.

“This will evoke backward linkages backwards. Industries that were moving below capacity moved to their effective capacity and pushed the purchase manager index up,”Said Suharso.

Suharso exemplifies the domino effect of IKN development on the country’s economy. With hajj and umrah activities that require many workers to manage travel, lodging to consumption. Similarly, the construction of IKN will make hundreds of thousands of people move to new locations.

“We already have experience managing 200 thousand people (during hajj), but the place to live is already there, which we want to go to already exist. While the IKN that you want to go to has not existed it must be diadain,” he explained.

He said the development and transfer of IKN will be able to have a positive impact on various factors and sectors driving the economy. With a contribution of between 1.8 percent to 2.2 percent to the economy. (lal)