Glory Surindro, Father of Mohammad Prananda Prabowo (13)

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Dead in Military Service, Fly T-701 Skyvan Aircraft

……. ……………………..
My hero has fallen
Cash has promised service
Autumn one grows a thousand
The glorious homeland of magic

Deciduous my interest in the service park
On the Motherland
Fragrant adds fragrance
The glorious homeland of magic

(Song poem “Autumn Flower”, by Ismail Marzuki)

A. Death Glory in Duty

There are various names for “death”, including “death, death, death, misfortune, overthrow”. The term “dead” has also been known in Old Javanese and Middle Javanese – besides the words “lumah, lina, bangka, tiwas – which” is an invented word “ma + pati (die = death), with the basic word (phallus) ) “starch”, means: death (Zoetmulder, 1995: 793). The term “fall”, which although synonymous with the meaning of the word “died or felled ‘, but this term tends to be interpreted as: died nobly. The word” fall “means 1. fall before cooking (about fruits); born prematurely (about babies), collapsed (about land); 2. canceled, canceled, no longer valid; 3. died in battle: 4. lost, fell out (KBBI, 2002: 373) In terms of plants, the term “fall” not only refers to fruit but can also refer to leaves and flowers. The word “fall + flowers” (fall flowers) “often comes as a metaphor, about the death of fighters on the battlefield.

In the National Mandatory Song entitled “Autumn Flower” by Ismail Marzuki whose part of the poem quoted above, the word “fall” is used to describe his death “Kusuma (flower) nation”, namely: the national hero. Kusuma’s death of the nation (hero) on the battlefield (read “battlefield”) is likened to the “fall of flowers”. If someone dies that way, then his death is included in the category of noble death. The person who died was therefore predicted to be a “noble figure”. They are willing to do “bhakti nagari” or “bela nagara”, as an altruistic act. The death of the hero who is termed “flower fall” is often added to the words “on the day of the Motherland”.

To die in this context is to die on duty, die while in the middle of carrying out service. Especially if the task is the duty of the state, in the interests of the nation and state. The duty of a state that has a “risk of failure” in carrying out its duties is the duty of the military, which is often called “military service”.

For the army (read “members of the TNI”), as “the mandate of the Sapta Marga”, the duty in the interests of the nation and the state applies to the principle of “abstinence against duty”. This was carried out by First Lieutenant Aviator Surindro Supjarso (also named: Surindro “Pacul” Supiarso – Tjokrodipo), who was killed when he flew a Skyvan T-701 aircraft that had a natural accident in Biak waters, Irian Jaya on January 22, 1970.