Viral! Goguma Ppang, Korean Purple Sweet Potato Bread

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roti ubi
Roti ubi ungu Korea atau goguma ppang (Foto: cookpad)
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NUSADAILY.COM – JAKARTA – Korean purple sweet potato bread is also known as goguma ppang. In Korean, goguma means sweet potato, while ppang means bread. This snack complements the previously outstanding Korean garlic cheese bread.

As the name suggests, this Korean purple sweet potato bread has a shape like ripe sweet potato in purple color. The difference is, goguma ppang is a mixture of bread made chewy like mochi with a filling in the form of sweet potatoes.

In Korea, bread crust is made from Pine Soft T / 202 and food coloring. This powder can be replaced with tapioca flour and sticky rice flour.

While the contents are sweet potatoes that have been boiled and crushed. Some add a mozzarella or chocolate filling for added flavor.

The combination of these various ingredients creates a unique taste. When eating it warm, the chewy taste of the bread combines with sweet potatoes and melted cheese.

Based on a number of reports, this goguma ppang is popular in Korea. The shops selling goguma ppang were always full of queues.

In Indonesia, this Korean purple sweet potato bread recipe is widely remade and sold. Most bakeries sell goguma ppang online through social media and e-commerce. A number of bakeries are implementing a 2-14 day pre-order system to order this viral Korean purple sweet potato bread.

The price for bread ranges from Rp. 40 thousand to Rp. 100 thousand for one portion, which contains 4-5 loaves of bread on average. (Han)