Aceh Has the Most Delicious “Memek” , Want to Try?

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Jajanan Khas Aceh Memek (foto:
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NUSADAILY.COM – ACEH – Eitss .. It must be dirty thinking. After a lot of “BAJINGAN” in Magelang, Central Java, now there are snacks that are also quite scary named “Memek” (Pussy in english). Yes “Memek”, a snack made from a mixture of glutinous rice and bananas which is popular in Simeulue Regency.

Although the name has a negative connotation, but this Simeuelue island cuisine is addictive. The shape is at a glance similar to porridge. But when eaten, the taste of banana and glutinous rice (roasted) is more pronounced. The savory aroma of roasted rice also pierces the nose.

To make it, the ingredients that must be provided are glutinous rice that has been fried, bananas according to taste, ordinary coconut milk is not thick or not runny, salt and sugar.

After all the ingredients are ready, then the banana is roughly ground so that the texture of the banana is still there and then mixed with all the ingredients.

“The manufacturing process takes one hour. Because we have to fry rice first. The rice must be glutinous rice, “said a Simeulue culinary stand guard, Almawati, reported by from detikfood.

For a long time, the Simeulue community often made these snacks to eat with their families. But now these foods have begun to rarely found. The reason is, because it is made with coconut milk mixture, this food does not last long.

“This is Simeulue’s special food, heritage. Cannot be renamed. In the area we still say her name is pussy, “explained Almawati.

Places that Peddle Memek
To enjoy this Acehnese food, the Head of the Tourism and Culture Office of Simeulue Regency, Abdul Karim said, can be found in various tourist destinations around Aceh.

“Today, the memek can be found in tourist destinations in the typical food offerings, including Menek, Rabaha Batok, Tabaha Longon, Batak Sanggal, Lompong Batok, Kule Tafee, and others,” Karim said quoted by Kompas.

He said, now there are also many cafes built around the tourist destination of Simeulue. Usually the cafes provide memek.

Karim continued, memek can also be found when entering the month of Ramadan. Because it can be used as takjil when breaking the fast.

“But the people around here also often deliberately cook Simeulue if there are guests. So it is not only during Ramadan, “he said.

Karim also added that the price was very affordable. For one cup of plastic pussy, you only need to pay Rp 5,000. (ark)