Someone Believe, The Mountain Eruption as a Sign of the End of the Plague?

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NUSADAILY.COM – MALANG – If a volcano erupts, some say it is a sign that the epidemic will end. This is also related to the eruption of Mount Merapi on March 27-28, 2020. The eruption even took place four times in 24 hours.

Reporting Tribunjateng, some believe the eruption was able to kill the deadly virus that haunts in cities around the mountains of volcanic ash that is spread.

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Photographs and videos that claimed to bring up the appearance of Semar appeared, a puppet character believed to be a sign of the end of the corona outbreak soon.

Moreover, some believe that the eruption of the mountain is marked by the appearance of Eyang Semar-shaped ash. Which, the gambit is also spread through social media. The photo shows a clump of Merapi eruption clouds which is claimed to resemble Semar’s face.

Reported by, Mount Merapi was indeed an eruption on Friday (3/27/2020). At that time, the eruption of Mount Merapi was recorded on a seismogram with an amplitude of 75 mm and a duration of 7 minutes, with an eruption ash column height of 5,000 meters.

During news of this Merapi eruption circulating photos showing the hot clouds of Mount Merapi shaped Semar puppet figures. Even so, it is uncertain whether the photo is true of the incident or not. While most uploaders do not include who the person is photographing the appearance of the Merapi eruption.

Twitter account @ arjuno_ireng01 was the one who uploaded the photo on Saturday (3/28/20). Accompanying the photo, the account owner said that the appearance of Semar-shaped hot clouds meant that the disaster would end soon, under Javanese-Mataram beliefs.

“EYANG SEMAR ALREADY SHOWED UP, PAGEBLUK IMMEDIATELY ENDED. According to Javanese-Mataram beliefs, “write the account @ arjuno_ireng01. “If Mount Merapi spreads hot clouds resembling the face (Eyang Semar) of Javanese puppet characters. That means there is a pagebluk (disaster). “


According to Javanese-Mataram beliefs.
If Mount Merapi spreads hot clouds resembling the face (Eyang Semar), Javanese puppet characters.
That means there is a pagebluk (disaster) @ 03__ boy
(Don’t condemn this trust) – Den mas Pupunk😍🇲🇨-🇸🇪 (@ arjuno_ireng01) March 28, 2020

Grandmother Semar and Merapi Eruption
The account owner also linked the appearance of Semar-shaped hot clouds to the coronavirus pandemic alias Covid-19. The account owner also hopes that the Covid-19 outbreak in Indonesia will end soon.

However, according to the volcano geology expert at the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Drs Subandriyo MSc has no connection at all between the explosion of the Covid-19 pandemic with the eruption of Mount Merapi. “Including there is also no evidence of volcanic ash inhibiting the spread of the virus, as has been reported through social media,” said Subandriyo. (Aka)

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