Penanggungan Mountain From the Foot to the Peak Ancient Sites Found

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NUSADAILY.COM – MOJOKERTO – Penanggungan Mountain in the Mojokerto Regency, East Java has many features. Because viewed from the historical side, this mountain has an important value. Because all of its slopes are filled with hundreds of Indonesian archeological and spiritual sites from the Hindu-BUddha era. More than one hundred buildings or remaining buildings were found, mostly located on the west to the north (Trawas District, Mojokerto)

Launching Wikipedia, according to Javanese myth, as written in the Book of Panggelaran, Mount Penanggungan (Pawitra) is the top of Mount Mahameru. Which mountain was shattered when it was moved to Java. Penanggungan is one of nine mountains that are considered sacred on Java.

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Called One of the Holy Mountains

Negarakertagama Kakawin Book mentions, Mount Pawitra is one of the seven mountains where the sages are imprisoned. Other mountains are Pucangan, Sampud, Rupit, Pilan, Jagadhita, and Butun. The sanctity reference is inseparable from the morphology of this mountain complex. Which, in the form of one of the highest peaks surrounded by eight peaks whose position is more or less reminiscent of the picture of the mandala in Hindu-Buddhist cosmology.

Throughout the mountain slopes are found in various ancient relics. Both temples, hermitage niches, and petirtaan from the Hindu-Buddhist period in East Java. Inventory and documentation were first carried out by the Dutch East Indies Archeology team from 1935-1940, under the leadership of W.F. Stutterheim and A. Gall, after many reports from various sources since 1900.

Some even included photographs and found numerical inscriptions from the 15th century CE. The team recorded 81 archeology which was given Roman numerals I-LXXXI. The results of this study were only published in 1951, but the data is not complete anymore . (aka)

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