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Kunto Aji Successfully Echoes the ‘Mantra Mantra’ Throughout 2019

NUSADAILY.COM-JAKARTA-Mantra Mantra album by musician and songwriter Kunto Anji, was named the Best Album in the 2019 Indonesia Music Awards (AMI) last Thursday (11/28/2019). This achievement also proves the big existence of album of Mantra throughout 2019.

At the AMI Awards itself, Kunto’s second album succeeded in surpassing a number of albums from other musicians, namely Jejak (Rizky Febian), OST Dilan (The Panas Dalam Bank), Love (D ‘MASIV), Memory Lane (The Overtunes), and Merakit ( Yura Yunita).

Since its release on September 14, 2018, Mantra Mantra has succeeded in bringing a positive feel to millions of listeners. The songs on the album carry the theme of mental health that is experienced by many groups.

“Most of them (listeners) are not aware that they are harboring something, and that is a problem. People think that the buried problem has no effect, it has an enormous impact,” Kunto Aji said in an interview with Najwa Shihab some time ago.

Kunto Aji created a Mantra Mantra to help listeners drain and vent their emotions. Mantra Mantra, according to Kunto, were written based on what he felt and experienced himself.

“I’m not here as a therapist, but as a experiencing person. This is the perspective that I gave in the Mantra Mantra,” he explained.

Mantra Mantra is Kunto Aji’s second album. This man from Yogyakarta previously released the album Generation Y in 2015.

Kunto Aji’s name began to be known since he joined the Indonesian Idol Season 5 talent search event. Kunto initially only made music as a hobby. But he already entered the music industry until finally choosing to stay as a musician.

“The long journey from a splash in the industry because of the talent search event. I don’t know anyone in Jakarta, I don’t know where to start. The journey is long, steep, but the scenery is good. And this is an 11-year rest area. Beautiful,” wrote Kunto on his Twitter account, Friday (11/29/2019).

For Kunto, the music industry currently provides a lot of space and freedom to work.

“What is clear now is actually getting more and more mixed in the pool, so musicians can jump anywhere. Depending on the work, that’s it. When you want to take your work to the pool, you can. The important thing is that you play music, in a positive sense, it doesn’t mean you jump. But when you want to get a good one out, you can,” explained this man with glasses.

Before winning the Best Album award, Kunto had released a series of video clips of one of the songs in the Mantra Mantra album, which also caught the public’s attention. The video clip is titled ‘Pilu Membiru Experience’.

In the video clip, Kunto invited three representatives of his listeners who had a deep impression about the song Pilu Membiru. In the first week of its debut, Pilu Membiru Experience occupies the first trending YouTube and watched by more than three million people.

To celebrate the release of the album Mantra Mantra one year, Kunto aji will hold a concert “Mantra Mantra LIVE ++”, on 18 December 2019.

The concert will be held at the Senayan Basketball Hall, Gelora Bung Karno Complex, Jakarta. He plans to present a special and different concert.

“I prepared a few surprises for this concert. The messages in the Mantra Mantra album are thickened both visually and in music, so that the therapeutic music effects are more flavorful, “said Kunto Aji, reported by Antaranews, Friday (11/29/2019).

The organizer of the event, JUNI Concert even revealed that 3,000 tickets that had been provided online were sold out in just over 60 minutes.

Mantra Mantra also led Kunto Aji to win the Best Alternative Singer Award and Best Graphic Design Album at the 2019 AMI Awards. (lna)



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