Small Droplets Can Last Up To 15 Minutes

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NUSADAILY.COM – JAKARTA – Small Droplets Can Last Up To 15 Minutes, Please Avoid for Talking on Public Transportation. Users of public transportation in the COVID-19 pandemic era must be extra careful. Crowded centers trigger indirect transmission of the virus.

Quoted by, specialist doctors in internal medicine at Junior Doctor Network Dr. Edward Faisal advised the public not to talk while using public transportation. This is to prevent the spread of new types of corona viruses. Because there are small drops or droplets coming out of a person’s mouth and can last 15 minutes before falling.

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“For passengers who are chatting, actually in research, he will issue a small droplet for 15 minutes. This is according to the CDC, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in America. Because it is important to note, it is recommended to wear a mask to put a halt to the droplet. So it shouldn’t be a conversation, indeed, “Edward said in the talkshow session of the Mantul Train User Group (Roker) Santuy Queue and Anti-Germ at BNPB, Jakarta, Wednesday.

So for people who happen to ride public transportation together, with friends or family, it is recommended to keep a distance.

“Just use the eye code that is going out. Later the agreement is outside the MRT or commuter line, “he continued.

A droplet Falls After Reaches One Meter

Quoted by Edward also said that based on the research, it is known that the safe distance is not to be exposed to SARS-CoV-2, which causes COVID-19, at least one meter. A droplet from someone who coughs just falls after reaching a minimum distance of one meter.

“So if there are still” making out “in public transportation it should be avoided because it is an example of poor health protocol implementation,” he said.

He also reminded that people do not cram when they want to enter the station, on the platform and on the train. There is also no need to interrupt other passengers because it could be risky if it turns out they are people without symptoms (OTG).

“But I remind you not to stigmatize everyone, yes,” Edward said while reminding it is better to run a disciplined health protocol. (Lna)