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BerandaNewsDPR Members Optimistic that COVID-19 Vaccination Target Is Met

DPR Members Optimistic that COVID-19 Vaccination Target Is Met

NUSADAILY.COM – JAKARTA – Members of Commission IX of the House of Representatives (DPR) of the Republic of Indonesia M Yahya Zaini are optimistic that the government’s target for COVID-19 vaccination completed within a year or at least 15 months will be met.

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“I am optimistic that the target can be achieved. Even if you miss it more and less. Because the government has got a commitment to purchase vaccines to meet the needs of about 400 million more vaccines. The government has also worked hard to prepare public data to be vaccinated,” yahya said, in a written statement, in Jakarta, Sunday (7/2).

To achieve that target or goal, he said, depends on the speed of vaccine provision and the implementation of vaccinations.

Regarding vaccinations to health workers who are a little late, Yahya explained that because the data of health workers sourced from the Ministry of Health is not valid so that registration “online” does not run smoothly.

“But it’s been addressed by manual means. Now it’s moving pretty smoothly. Until now, about 650 thousand health workers are vaccinated with a daily average of about 50 thousand people. Vaccinated twice already 71 thousand people with a daily average of 19 thousand people,” said Yahya.

He said that if vaccination goes smoothly and according to the target, there will be “herd immunity” so that in 2022 gradually COVID-19 will end. Therefore, Yahya asked all parties to work hard and be optimistic.

According to him, the key to accelerate vaccination to achieve the COVID-19-free target is in the data collection, because if the data is valid then the implementation will be faster.

“We have had experience with immunizations and have been quite successful. Then, what needs to be considered and can be guaranteed is that the quality of the vaccine remains safe starting from production, distribution, storage until it is used for the community,” zaini said.

COVID-19 Vaccination Spokesperson

Meanwhile, COVID-19 Vaccination Spokesperson from PT Bio Farma Bambang Heriyanto also expressed optimism over the achievement of the government’s COVID-19 vaccination target.

“We are all optimistic. Ministry of Health, Bio Farma, all optimistic. It has been targeted by mr. President one year,” said Bambang.

He explained that the task of Bio Farma is to prepare the needs of vaccines from the Ministry of Health, and so far Bio Farma is in a position to provide vaccines.

“For this year our target is 429 million doses, yes Bio Farma will be prepared, in order to quickly overcome COVID-19,” said Bambang. (ros)



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