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BerandaheadlinesNTU Survey: 70 Percent of Jakarta Residents Are Not Afraid of COVID-19

NTU Survey: 70 Percent of Jakarta Residents Are Not Afraid of COVID-19

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NUSADAILY.COM-JAKARTA – Pandemic COVID-19 that hit the world is not scary for the majority of Jakarta residents.

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Disaster sociologist expert Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Singapore Sulfikar Amir said, the majority of Jakarta residents were confident they would not be infected with COVID-19.

This can be seen from the survey results which showed 77 percent of respondents felt the risk of contracting COVID-19 was very small. The survey in question is a survey conducted by NTU in collaboration with the Opposition COVID-19

“They consider the risk of contracting COVID-19 is very small. At the individual level around 77 percent thought they would not be affected by COVID-19, it is very unlikely to be affected, “Sulfikar was quoted as saying from

Sulfikar revealed this in a webinar, Sunday July 5, 2020.

Likewise at the level of contracting with those closest to them like family. Sulfikar explained, the respondents considered it less likely to be infected from their immediate family or people.

“At the level of people around (the closest), the same figure is around 76 percent perceive the possibility is very small,” said Sulfikar.

Almost the same number is also seen from the respondent’s answer when asked how likely it is that people in the environment such as neighbors and residences transmit COVID-19.

“That’s a relatively high 70 percent chance of contracting it is very small,” he said.

Surely the results of the respondents, said Sulfikar, had an influence on the behavior of the people of Jakarta who might have implemented health protocols. But less alert because they feel less likely to be infected.

The confidence of the Jakarta people who felt they would not be infected with COVID-19, said Sulfikar, could be caused because many of them did not know the people around their neighborhood who had been affected by COVID-19.

As many as 94 percent of respondents answered that they did not know anyone who had been infected with COVID-19. “So the majority of people in Jakarta, it could be that perception (less likely to be infected) because they have never seen people affected by COVID-19,” he said.

Involve 154,471 Respondents
For information, the survey was issued by Singapore’s Nanyang Technolgical University Social Resilience Lab together with the organization Report COVID-19. Data collection period from 29 May to 20 June 2020 in the DKI Jakarta area.

The method used is the Quota Sampling with population variables per village and uses the Spearman rho formula analysis method to measure the correlation of variables and demographic factors of DKI Jakarta.

The number of respondents collected 206,550 and declared valid as many as 154,471 respondents.

The accumulative number of COVID-19 positive patients in DKI Jakarta is 12,295 people. From this number, the number of COVID-19 positive patients who were declared cured was 7,663 people. 658 people died. Then, 584 patients were still undergoing treatment at the hospital and 3,390 people doing independent isolation at home. (yos)

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