Selasa, September 21, 2021
BerandaheadlinesMexico Records 9,000 New Corona Cases for the First Time

Mexico Records 9,000 New Corona Cases for the First Time

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NUSADAILY. COM – MEXICO CITY – Mexico recorded the highest number of new cases of confirmed corona virus transmission on Saturday. With more than 9,000 cases daily for the first time. And past the previous record for the second day period, as shown official data.

Mexico’s health ministry reported 9,556 new cases of the corona virus, surging past the 8,458 record that occurred on Friday. The ministry also noted 784 additional deaths. Making a total of 434,193 cases and 47,472 deaths.

The new record in cases of transmission occurred a day after Mexico took over Britain. As the country with the third highest number of deaths due to the corona virus pandemic.

Mexico has struggled to contain the epidemic, and since the end of May has been trying to restart its economic enterprise. Which in the April-June period experienced a shrinkage of more than 17 percent per quarter.

The government says the real number of people infected may be far higher than reported cases. (Aka)

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