Related: Covid-19 Origins Search, China Provides Full Support for WHO Experts

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NUSADAILY.COM – JAKARTA – Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Zhao Lijian on Friday (29/1) called for full trust and support for the World Health Organization’s (WHO) international team of experts, and urged efforts to reduce unnecessary disruptions to give them enough time and space needed to search for the origins of the new coronavirus (COVID-19).

Reporting from Xinhua, the spokesman made the statement in a daily press conference while answering questions about the schedule of the expert team in the country, and said that China and WHO would make scientific and professional arrangements based on the consensus they reached in the early stages.

He expressed his belief that experts from both parties will release the progress and research results in a timely manner.

Zhao stressed that this is an exchange and cooperation between experts from WHO and China regarding the search for the origin of the virus, which is part of global research, not investigation.

During the quarantine period of WHO experts, the two sides have conducted numerous exchanges via video and shared the results of their research, which is a solid foundation for deepening bilateral cooperation and promoting global research, Zhao said.

“We must hand over this highly professional (coronavirus) origin search task to experts and provide them with sufficient time and space necessary to promote relevant cooperation,” Zhao continued, while calling for full trust and support for the expert team and urging efforts to reduce unnecessary attention and disruption.

He said China will, as always, continue to cooperate with WHO openly, transparently and responsibly, and contribute to better prevention of future risks as well as the protection of people’s lives and health across countries around the world. (mel)