Chairman of PP Muhammadiyah: There is an Injustice Practice in Economic of Indonesia

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Foto: Ketua PP Muhammadiyah Anwar Abbas
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NUSADAILY.COM – JAKARTA – Anwar Abbas, Chairman of PP Muhammadiyah assessed, there is a practice of injustice in the national economy. The case, said Anwar, has long been that national banking has only sided with a handful of elites or large groups. Whereas MSMEs have a very large amount, but the chances of obtaining funding are very small.

Bank Indonesia has actually made provisions for credit or financing ratios for MSMEs in 2015 reaching at least 5%. The provision continues to increase until in 2018 banks are obliged to disburse MSME credit from their total credit of at least 20%.

“My question means before 2015 it’s not up to 5%. But even though the number of MSMEs is 99.90%. In 2018 at least 20%. But the fact is that 2019 is only 19.1%, and my friend who is one of the commissioners in a bank said not 20% but only 18%,” said Anwar at the 7th Munas Masyarakat Ekonomi Syariah event, Friday (1/22/2021).

That means, continued Anwar, MSME actors who are 99.99% with the number of actors 64.19 million only get 20% credit disbursement. While large businesses that amount to 0.01% with the number of actors 5550 get 80% or less because there is consumer financing.

“My conclusion is that very large or MSMEs can be small, and very, very small ones can be large, even very large. Is that a fair question? My answer is unfair,” he said.

Anwar assessed that banks in Indonesia only pay attention to people whose number of perpetrators is only about 1.3% and ignore the group of 98.68%.

“It is for me a pretext to state that in this country there has been a practice of injustice and even in its extreme language there has been an injustice in the economic field,” he said.

In addition, Anwar also explained from the gini index the ratio of Indonesia in the economic sector is 0.39 and in the field of land 0.59. This means that 1% of the population in this country controls 39% of the existing economy and in the field of land, 1% of the population controls 59% of the land in the country.

“This clearly shows that the treasure is only circulating and spinning in a handful of people and this by Allah SWT in the letter of Al Hasyr is clearly very strictly prohibited,” he said. (jib)