The Task Terrain Of Lieutenant Surindro, The Father of Mohammad Prananda Prabowo (16)

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His body was never found, Lieutenant Surindro died gloriously

C. Difficult search for accident victims in Biak waters

The position of the Biak Airport is quite strategic because it is close to the Pacific Ocean and is located at the equator so that Garuda Indonesia also puts the airport in Biak into international flights. The location is in Biak Numfor Regency, Papua.

This airport has been the center of flight since the Dutch East Indies Colonial Period and during the Liberation of West Irian. On May 29, 1944, the United States troops succeeded in taking control of Biak from the Dai Nippon Army, so the airfield at Ambroben was under Allied control. In the same year, the Australian Air Force occupied this airfield and was used as the airbase.

In 1947, after the Dutch war, they entered and controlled this airfield. Since then, the field has been given the name “Mokmer Airport”, as the KLM airline airport, which was made part of the KLM international flight route. In 1959 Mokmer airport was ready to land a DC-8 aircraft. The following year, KLM opened the Biak-Tokyo-Amsterdam route.

Not long after that, in 1962 the control of this airport by the Netherlands was handed over to UNTEA (United Nations Temporary Executive Administration), the UN agency that took care of PEPERA (Determination of People’s Opinion) of West Irian. After the process of transfer of sovereignty of West Irian to Indonesian hands on May 1, 1953, UNTEA handed over the control of Mokmer Airport to Indonesia in 1969. When it was under the management of the Indonesian government, the name “Mokmer Airport” was changed to “Frans Kaisiepo Airport” in 1984.

Administratively, Biak Island is divided into two districts. The western part is in the area of ​​Supiori Regency, while the part in the Biak Numfor Regency area.

Biak is the largest island compared to Numfor Island and more than 42 islands smaller than both. The location of Biak Island is on the equator and at the mouth of the Pacific Ocean, precisely in the Gulf of Cendrawasih, north of the coast of Papua Province, in the northwest of Papua New Guinea.

Biak Island is directly opposite the Pacific Ocean. This vast and deep ocean lies to the north and east of Biak Island. To the south of Biak is the SelatvYapen. The astronomical position of Biak is 0 ° 21′-1 ° 31 ‘latitude, 134 ° 47′-136 ° 48’ east longitude. Biak Island is among small islands and many atolls and coral reefs.

If we see such an osanographic condition, it can be understood if it is not easy to be able to find accident victims in Biak waters, as experienced by the fall of the Skyvan T-701 aircraft piloted by First Lieutenant Surindro Supiarso, Muhammad Prananda Prabowo’s father in 1970.

Biak Island

The complexity of the search for victims of marine accidents in Biak waters, among others, is in a Johnson-engined wooden boat (September 4, 2017) with 28 people on board, with one victim dead. In January 2019 there were four cases of sea accidents in the working area of ​​the Biak SAR office due to bad weather and engine damage.

On January 9, 2019, a fisherman fell from a boat chart in Nabire. The accident also happened to the wooden ship Nur Faida who lost contact in Biak Numfor waters. The ship carried six people, departing from the Angrem Manokwari pier (Sunday 3 June 2019) to the Poiru District in Numfor Biak. Until Monday, June 4, 2016, has not returned. Five days later (5 June 2019) a nine-person longboat lost contact in Biak Waters, en route from East Numfor to Supiori Barat. Thankfully, three days later (11 June 2019) it was discovered on Meosbepondi Island, Supiori Regency.

Following the reverse transport, boat occurred in Biak waters on June 16, 2029, killing three people. These are some examples of marine accidents in the Biak waters.