Fiersa Besari Resting Farewell Concert Sweet Memories

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NUSADAILY.COM -JAKARTA – Fiersa Besari decided to vacuum for a year from the gig activities. Because of that he also made a “Concert Towards Rest” which was held at the Annex Building, Jakarta Saturday 11 January 2020 tonight. Fiersa Besari presents a sweet memory.

“This is more like a memorial concert anyway so people remember before leaving. The songs are also rarely performed,” said Fiersa about “Concert Towards Rest” as quoted by Antara.

The “Wrong Time” singer said that his concert tonight was very different from before, one of which was the concept of sitting.

“Usually people watch me while standing, first only confused but after a long time jumping and sweating. But this is singing together, they sit and listen instead of the usual nuances. Usually, I also like the release of dirty talk, tonight also must be braked, tonight also must be braked, tonight “explained Fiersa.

Fiersa said that her vacuum was from the music scene because she wanted to rest and find new concepts in music.

“Music is one thing that makes me acceptable to the community if it is received, it makes me stressed, I become afraid. It is a pity to leave but nothing should be sacrificed if this can indeed make my life calmer,” said the singer “Miss Piggy Bank” that.

Fiersa Besari performed 20 songs in her concert. Eight songs were taken from the hits and 12 songs that were rarely performed before.

“Usually when a concert of eight songs and reps, today we want to bring more and not often performed. 12 songs are rarely performed, now we bring up to surrender,” said Fiersa.
Climb 33 Mountains

Fiersa Besari admitted that she wanted to conquer 33 mountains in Indonesia, therefore her vacuum would be used to conduct research and realize it.

“I have a program where I want to climb 33 mountains in 33 provinces. Why not 34? Because I am confused about the mountains in Jakarta. This is just the desire I have a big plan to visit 33 provinces, including in the Riau Islands,” Fiersa said at a press conference “Concert Heading to Rest “in Jakarta, Saturday.

Climbing mountains is a favorite of the singer “Holds Me for Your Travelers” since I was in school. According to him, this activity always makes his heart touched.

“So far, I have a path to the mountain. It is not necessarily successful, but I want to try it. It makes my soul tremble, whether the results become music or books, but so far this expedition is limited on YouTube,” said Fiersa.

“Like Mount Beriun, Kalimantan has opened a track with the company that overshadows me. This is what makes me tremble in my heart, the music is just for reflection. I have never targeted going up the mountain to play music but there must be an effect,” he continued.

But Fiersa realized that one year would not be enough to complete 33 mountains. At least, during a vacuum, he can map which mountains are the priority.

“33 mountains in three years, it might not just be a year. I have to map it too, well, this can’t be combined with music. This year it’s a kind of adaptation project with this project,” said the singer of the “Wrong Time”. (gas)