The Ministry of Industry is Preparing to Show the Face of Indonesian Industry at the Hannover Messe 2021

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Hannover Messe (ANTARA/HO/Kementerian Perindustrian)
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NUSADILY.COM – JAKARTA – The Ministry of Industry is preparing to show the face of the national industry to the world at the prestigious industrial technology show, Hannover Messe, which will be held again in April 2021 after this year’s cancellation due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Indonesia will become the country’s official partner. So it must be able to take advantage of this important opportunity, especially to present Indonesia’s face in the eyes of the world in an effort to transform the economy. Especially through industry 4.0, “said the Ministry of Industry’s Director General of Resilience, Territory and International Industry Access (KPAII), Dody Widodo in Jakarta, Saturday.

He explained that at a limited meeting some time ago President Joko Widodo gave directions to continue participating in the Hannover Messe 2021. In order to promote the road map for Making Indonesia 4.0.

“Indonesia will continue to carry the theme of Making Indonesia 4.0 which is still very relevant to the theme of the Hannover Messe 2021. Namely Industrial Transformation,” said Doddy through a written statement.

The international event, he said, would change in concept. By emphasizing the issue of economic recovery post pandemic and displaying the categories that will be displayed at the Indonesian Pavilion.

In addition, Indonesia will maintain the logo and tagline “Connect to Accelerate” to support the synergy that it wants to establish in supporting the growth of industry 4.0 in Indonesia.

Hannover Messe, he said, would be a great opportunity for Indonesia to gain experience in competing with major world manufacturers in selling industrial technology capabilities.

“The tagline can serve as a branding strategy that describes invitations and invitations to all stakeholders. Whether it’s the government, industry players, and investors both from within and outside the country to work together to accelerate Indonesia’s industrial growth through the application of industrial technology 4.0, “said Dody.

Indonesian Pavilion

The Indonesian Pavilion will present a road map depicting the direction and strategy for future national industrial development. Included in the 10 priorities in the effort to strengthen the national industrial structure.

The 10 priorities are improving the flow of materials, redesigning industrial zones, accommodation for sustainability standards, empowering MSMEs, building national digital infrastructure, attracting foreign investment, improving the quality of human resources, establishing an innovation ecosystem, implementing technology investment incentives, and harmonizing rules and policies. .

Next, the Indonesian Pavilion will provide an illustration of the journey of Making Indonesia 4.0. At the same time it shows how far the industry 4.0 implementation has leaped since the launch of Making Indonesia 4.0 in 2018, the inauguration of the Indonesia Industry 4.0 Readiness Index or INDI 4.0 (2019), and then followed by the industrial ecosystem development program 4.0 or SINDI 4.0 (2019).

“The Indonesian Pavilion will also be equipped with an introduction to the showcase for the construction of the Indonesian Digital Innovation Center (PIDI 4.0). That was initiated by the Ministry of Industry, “said Dody.

In addition, Smart Industrial Park Facilities will also be displayed as an important part of the development of Indonesian industry and will also be promoted along with its development utilizing industry 4.0.

“The product categories that will be exhibited at the Indonesian Pavilion consist of automotion, motion & drives, digital ecosystems, energy solutions, engineered parts & solutions, future hubs, global business & markets, and compressed air & vacuum,” said Dody.

Dody conveyed that the Ministry of Industry encouraged domestic industry players to be able to take advantage of the momentum of Indonesia to become an official partner country at the Hannover Messe 2021.

“Presence at the Hannover Messe provides an opportunity for industry players to benchmark technological developments in solving industrial problems,” said Dody.

Special support for startups, he said, was shown by providing a stage for Indonesian startups with appropriate technology. What can be used and become a solution not only for the people of Indonesia, but also for the world. (ian)

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