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BerandaNewsTwitter of Deputy Minister of Religion Zainut Tauhid Hacked by Hackers

Twitter of Deputy Minister of Religion Zainut Tauhid Hacked by Hackers

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NUSADAILY.COM– JAKARTA – Deputy Minister of Religion Zainut Tauhid Sa’adi’s Twitter account was hacked by irresponsible parties. The @zainuttauhid account posted links of porn sites. The hacking occurred two days after Zainut was appointed to be Deputy Minister of Religion of the Republic of Indonesia.

In his press statement, Zainut said the posting of the porn site link was not from him, but was carried out by hackers.

“My Twitter account was hacked by someone who is not responsible for inserting pornographic content,” Zainut said in his statement as quoted by, Sunday (10/27) / 2019.

Zainut said that the hacking of his Twitter account had been reported to the Jakarta Police. “All things circulating on my behalf are hoaks. I have reported the incident to the Jakarta Police,” Zainut explained.

According to him, the hacking incident was discovered after the appearance of the post that violated the allegation or pornographic content. He also knew after the admin of his social media gave a report.

“I know that there was a post that violated the decency, only after the admin reported that someone controlled the Twitter account without permission, because Twitter can be opened from any device,” said Zainut.
Currently, said Zainut, the manager of his social media account, has reported this incident to the Metro Jaya Police Cyber Siberian Sub-Directorate. The report contains alleged account hacking and the distribution of content that violates decency.

“As well as the existence of defamation and slander to me carried out more than 32 social media accounts. I apologize if this incident caused any inconvenience,” said Zainut.

Zainut added, so far his Twitter account was managed by an admin from the Media Team chaired by Sya’ron Mubarok. In addition, at this time, Zainut Tauhid’s Twitter account is locked to prevent further hacking. (kumparan/li/yos)

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