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Rendang Padang Selected as the Most Delicious Cuisine in the World

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NUSADAILY.COM – PADANG – Indonesia has the most delicious cuisine that is recognized in the world that is typical Padang rending. Indeed rendang Padang seems to have become a favorite food in almost all Indonesian citizens. So everywhere there is Padang cuisine. The taste of Padang cuisine can be accepted in all fields of the Indonesian nation.

Rendang original Minang is one of the original dishes of the archipelago that has been famous in foreign countries. Even based on the results of pooling from one of the news websites from England, rendang Minang native Padang was once chosen as the most delicious food in the world.

Do you want to try cooking Rending that is truly typical of Minang, Padang? This is the recipe reported from nadiapos.com.

The main ingredient

• 1.5 kg of meat
• 2 liters of coconut milk from 2 old coconuts
Spices and Spices for Making Original Rendang Minang:
• 2 lemongrass stems crushed
• 4 kaffir lime leaves
• 2 cm candis acid / gelugur
• 2 turmeric leaves concluded
Rendang Padang Asli Minang Recipe Seasoning that must be refined:
• 5 candlenuts
• 6 cloves of garlic
• 100 grams of red chili
• 12 onions
• 100 grams of curly red chili
• 2 cm grilled ginger
• 2 cm galangal
• 3 cm roasted turmeric
• 1/2 tablespoon coriander
• 1 teaspoon cumin roasted
• Flavoring to taste

How to cook
First of all, if the meat has been prepared, cut the rendang into cubes or the desired size, only never cut the meat too small to be processed into rendang so that when cooked the meat will not be crushed
Pour coconut milk into a large skillet, add the lemongrass, sliced ​​shallots, tamarind and turmeric leaves. Stir until the coconut milk boils and make sure the coconut milk that you cook is not broken, for that you have to keep stirring the coconut milk until it boils evenly.
After the coconut milk boils, gently put the spice that has been mashed into it and occasionally stirs for about 20-30 minutes.
After you see the coconut milk looks greasy, this means it’s time you put in the cleaned and cooked pieces of rendang meat using low/medium heat until the coconut milk thickens and dries and the spices seep into the pores of the meat.
Continue cooking until the meat is tender and cooked evenly, don’t be careless to keep stirring it so that the bottom doesn’t burn. (Aka)

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