Suspected Chinese Survey Ship Intrusion, LaNyalla: Warning for State Defense

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LaNyalla Mattaliti.
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NUSADAILY.COM – JAKARTA – A Chinese survey ship allegedly infiltrated Indonesian waters, the ship was successfully driven out of Indonesia in the Sunda Strait.

Related to the incident, chairman of the DPD RI LaNyalla Mahmud Mattalitti stated aloud that the event as a warning for the defense of the country in the face of threats from abroad in the sea area.

“The entry of Chinese survey ships into Indonesian Waters in the Sunda Strait should be a concern of the Ministry of Defense. The undetected entry of the ship is a warning to our defense,” LaNyalla said in his official statement in Jakarta, Saturday, January 16, 2021

LaNyalla emphasized that it is very important to note because it relates to Indonesia’s sovereignty. “Once again we remind the Ministry of Defense because this is very important to note because it concerns the territory and sovereignty of the country,” said LaNyalla.

LaNyalla hopes that the government will soon improve Indonesia’s marine security system. As the largest archipelago in the world, Indonesia should have a strong naval fleet to monitor its entire aquatic area.

As is known, the Maritime Security Agency (Bakamla) successfully intercepted a Chinese survey ship, Xiang Yang Hong 03 which proved deadly automatic identification system (AIS) when it crossed the waters of sunda Strait Wednesday, January 13, 2021 night.

The intercept of the Chinese vessel began when the Bakamla Command and Control Center (Puskodal) detected Xiang Yang Hong 03 sailing in the waters of the Sunda Strait.

At that time, the ship was detected traveling at a speed of 10.9 knots and a bow to the southwest. Based on the observations, the ship has turned off the AIS three times during its crossing of the Indonesian Archipelago Sea Channel–I (ALKI-I). (sir/aka)