Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy Invites Tourism Sector and Creative Economy to Apply Health Protocol

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وزارة السياحة والاقتصاد الإبداعي
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NUSADAILY.COM – JAKARTA – The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy / Tourism and Creative Economy Agency (Kemenparekraf / Baparekraf) continues to disseminate health protocols. And invites industries engaged in the tourism sector and the creative economy to implement and supervise protocols in their businesses strictly.

Deputy for Strategic Policy of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture / Baparekraf, R. Kurleni Ukar, in a Webinar entitled “Adaptation of Healthy, Safe, and Productive New Habits for Tourism and Creative Economy Actors”, Monday (6/7/2020), said the application of health protocols by tourism actors for workers and tourists in tourist destinations play an important role. In an effort to restore public confidence to visit.


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“We must show the world that Indonesia can be clean, healthy and safe. If we expect tourists to return to Indonesia in accordance with current tourist trends that choose a clean and safe place from COVID-19. This can only be realized if the workforce also understands and applies the principles of CHSE (Cleanliness, Healthy, Safety, and Environment) in daily life and in their duties in the field of tourism and the creative economy, “Kurleni said.

Also attending the webinar was Deputy Chairman of the House of Representatives Commission X Dede Yusuf, Deputy Head of the Molecular Biology Research Institute (Eijkman) Professor David Handojo Muljono. ALODOKTER Co-Founder & Director Suci Arumsari, and ALODOKTER Medical Marketing Manager Dr. Allert B I Noya.

Health Protocol for Preventing Covid -19
Kurleni said, the health protocol in the tourism sector and the creative economy had been established by the government through KMK Number HK.01.07 / Menkes / 382/2020 concerning Health Protocols for Communities in Public Places and Facilities. In the Context of Prevention and Control of Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). KMK is a guideline for ministries / institutions. Local governments, associations, business actors as well as the community, so it is absolutely necessary to be followed by all stakeholders. Both tourists, business people, and workers.

“We (perpetrators of tourism and the creative economy) are vulnerable to contract because our work serves others. The only way we prevent this transmission is by adhering to health protocols and adapting to new habits, “he said.

On that occasion, Kurleni also mentioned that currently Kemenparekraf / Baparekraf had begun efforts to revive the tourism sector and the creative economy. Gradually with the adoption of strict health protocols. Especially destinations in areas that have been declared as green zones.

Deputy Chairman of the House of Representatives Commission X, Dede Yusuf, supports recovery efforts in the tourism sector and the creative economy that must be done by applying health protocols. What is certain is that the application must begin with a good and comprehensive socialization to all stakeholders in the tourism and creative economy.

Opening of Staged Tourism Destinations
If the health protocol is working well, opening the destination must be done in stages. By prioritizing destinations that are in the safe zone (green) and accompanied by control, evaluation, and supported by the readiness of medical personnel.

“Security procedures at tourist sites must have monitoring. So our suggestion from the DPR is that evaluation is important so that the week can be evaluated, “said Dede Yusuf.

He stated the DPR’s commitment in supporting Kemenparekraf in the recovery of tourism and the creative economy. He said that the House of Representatives Commission X had approved the proposal to increase the budget of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy for 2021.

Prof. David from the Eijkman Institute said that not only the government, the participation and awareness of the community in implementing health protocols also have a strong role. He therefore hopes that the community can continue to update information about COVID-19, especially in its prevention and control efforts.

“The way we cut the chain of spread, the first stage is discipline with cleanliness. Wearing a mask, also physical / social distancing, “said Prof. David.

While Suci Arumsari, Co-Founder & Director of ALODOKTER, said he was ready to support the government program. In the socialization of the application of health protocols in the various networks that they have.

“Alodokter will continue to socialize health protocol. So that people know what is happening and how and what to do with an expert doctor at Alodokter, “Suci said. (sir / aka)

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