Feared of Imasco factory, will become a “country within a country”

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Manajemen pabrik semen Imasco menemui rombongan Komisi D DPRD Jember. (nusadaily.com/ Sutrisno)
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NUSADAILY.COM – JEMBER – After receiving complaints from workers, Commission D of the Jember Dprd held a surprise inspection (Sidak) to the location of the Imasco cement plant in Puger District, on Monday, February 15, 2020.

Sidak in order to know firsthand the conditions and situation in the factory, because according to the delivery of workers to the DPRD claimed to be treated discriminatoryly between local and foreign workers.

Local workers also felt mistreated by the management of the Imasco company. Labor resistance that demands equality reaps dismissal sanctions. Meanwhile, still four workers got a letter of termination of employment (layoffs) from Imasco.

Jember DPRD member, Gembong Konsul Alam said, not only based on labor speech, other issues were also expressed by a number of labor agencies who called Imasco very restrictive to be monitored.

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Imasco often makes it difficult for authorities to ask for information. “Imasco is very closed, uncooperative with government agencies. Therefore, we want to know the truth,” said Kingpin.

The legislator who is also chairman of the NasDem Party Faction added, if it is true that the workers and some government officials, then the condition of Imasco with the term is feared a kind of ‘state within the state’.

“With Imasco’s closeness to government agencies, I am worried about the establishment of companies in Indonesia as camouflage to create jobs for foreign nationals. Corporate behavior that ignores the provisions seems to be the state within the country,” he concluded.

Until now, sidak still takes place from the group of Commission D along with a number of officials to ask still to the Imasco factory.

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Previously, workers complained to the DPRD on Thursday, February 4, 2021. Muhamad Syaihudin, Arif, Bahariawan, Ahmad Nazim Fauzi, and Ahmad Zubaeri Muzakki were the workers who were laid off by Imasco.

According to them, Imasco called applying the rules for local workers to stay in the factory without being allowed out for 8 months without being able to meet with family despite the close proximity of their homes.

“We are like locked up, because we can not meet family, even Friday prayers can not,” said Muhamad Syaihudin.

Meanwhile, foreign workers are dissewed by Imasco, which is facilitated by the company to return to the country every 3 months. While inside the factory, foreign workers were also treated differently than local workers.

In addition, THE COVID-19 health protocol has always been a reason for companies to curb labor space, although the application is not the same between local and foreign workers.

For example, local workers caught rapid reactive tests or positive swabs should be isolated to the house. Another case of foreign workers still allowed into the mess gathered with other workers.

Head of Jember Disnakertrans, Bambang Edy Santoso; as well as two labor supervisors from the East Java Provincial Government, namely Sofyan Sauri and Solehudin admitted that Imasco only routinely makes reports about workers sent online. But, on the side it is always difficult to check factual conditions, due to limited opportunities for access to the factory.

The Imasco report is simply the number of workers, with no details of its duties. Data that there are as many as 111 permanent employees; 144 CCP (part-time contract worker); and only 2 foreign workers (TKA).

“The main job use WNA (foreign nationals) do not know. In fact, once we found WNA quality control position turned out to be a painter. Imasco is the latest report, but the reporting date is not there, we will check the barcode later,” said Sofyan. (sut)