Farmers in South Tapanuli Plant Superior Red Chili Peppers

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NUSADAILY.COM -SIPIROK- A number of farmers in South Tapanuli Regency, North Sumatra, began to cultivate their land to plant red chilies in aid of economic stimulus handling COVID-19 from the Provincial Government of North Sumatra.

“For phase III stimulus assistance, South Tapanuli got a quota of 20 hectares,” said South Tapanuli Agricultural District Head Bismark Muaratua Siregar in Sipirok on Tuesday.

Following on from the stimulus assistance, farmers have started working on their own land to plant superior red chilies.

“It is estimated that red chili seeds will start planting in farmers in early February 2021,” he said according to field monitoring.

In detail, he explained, the area of land to be planted red chilies each in Sipirok District two hectares, Angkola Muaratais three hectares, SD Hole six hectares, Arse four hectares, Sayur Matinggi two hectares, and South Angkola three 3 hectares.

“Per hectare, farmers get 12 sachets of superior chili seeds plus mulch 25 rolls, 3 tons of organic fertilizer, and 150 kg of NPK fertilizer,” he said.

He said that with the help of the stimulus, it can boost the economy of the community, especially farmers affected by COVID-19.

“As the locomotive of this stimulus assistance is BPBD North Sumatra Province. Previously during the second phase of assistance, South Tapanuli got a quota of assistance for 10 hectares of shallots and 10 hectares of red pepper,” he said. (sak/ant)