Reopening, Cinemas in Malang are Still Lack of Visitors

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Salah satu penonton yang membeli tiket bioskop di Movimax Dinoyo, Rabu (28/10).
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NUSADAILY.COM – MALANG – Since 27 October 2020, the Malang City Government (Pemkot) has allowed cinemas to resume operations. However, the public’s interest in watching films is still not that much.

“We are already open yesterday (Tuesday, 27/10). The number of visitors for one day is 50 people, ”explained Moviemax Dinoyo Manager, Rulya Febrina.

Rulya explained that the number of visitors had decreased drastically. Because, before the pandemic, Moviemax Dinoyo had at least 8 hundred to a thousand viewers a day.

“I believe this is because of Covid, there is still fear from the community, secondly because of the film menu being shown,” he explained.

Regarding the number of visitors, his party does not target the number of visitors who come to Moviemax Dinoyo. For him, currently the most important thing is to make people believe and cinemas can still open in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Not targeting the number of viewers. As much as possible. If visitors can trust and want to try at our place with the established protocol, we are ready with any number (audience), “he said optimistically.

According to him, his priority now is that the operation of the cinema can run amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Although the number of spectators who came was very small than usual.

“From us, at least we had income first for my friends, sorry for seven months there was no suitable income. So far, there have not been any layoffs (PHK), “he said.

On this occasion, his party also explained a series of health protocols implemented by Moviemax Dinoyo. For example, requiring visitors to wear masks, providing hand washing facilities.

“Then there is spraying with a disinfectant nano gun. After that, visitors can buy tickets at the counter. Between the counter clerk and the visitors we have also given a screen, “he added.

Then, in Bipskop, his party also conducts sterilization, both before and after visitors watch. Studio sterilization using Ultraviolet lamps, spraying disinfectants to water purifiers. (Nda / aka)

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