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The World’s Best Places to Visit in December

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NUSADAILY.COM-MALANG- December is almost over. In some places in the world, December has distinctive entertainment that cannot be found in other months.

Ranging from tourism promos to certain natural phenomena has become a regular subscription at the end of this year.

For those of you who plan to spend the remaining dates before heading to the new year by traveling abroad, you must include the following places in your itinerary.


December and Christmas have become inseparable complete packages. If you want to feel the excitement of Christmas celebrations, visiting Germany in December is the right choice.

Every December, Germany holds a worldwide Christmas Market. Not only in one place, even the German Christmas Market is spread almost all over the country.

The first is Dresden Striezelmarkt, East Germany. The oldest Christmas market in Germany. Unmitigated, Dresden Striezelmarkt has been operating for hundreds of years.

Next is Cologne, along the Rhine River. In December, every corner of the city is decorated with colorful lights. At the Cologne Christmas Market, you can also watch the attractions of tin pourers, bouquets of binders, to glass blowers.

The Christmas market is also presented in the German capital, Berlin. In addition to the festivities of the Christmas Market, you will also be treated to a panoramic night view of the Berlin square which is no less amazing.

Heading to South Germany, you can stop by Stuttgart, the center of the Mercedes Benz and Porsche museums. If you are lucky, around the Stuttgart Christmas stall, you will be welcomed by der Weihnachtsmann (Santa Claus) as a museum guide.

Anchorage, Alaska

The winter solstice in 2019 falls on Saturday, December 21. This is a good opportunity for a vacation to enjoy a long night in Alaska.

During this phenomenon, the sun will rise at 10:11 and set at 3:41 local time. If you go further north to Anchorage, the darkness of the sky will be increasingly felt.

But don’t worry, the bonus of the darkness is the emergence of natural masterpieces commonly known as Aurora.

Aurora is the result of bias from magnetospheric disturbances caused by the solar wind. Aurora appears in a variety of beautiful colors along the sky. Directly witness this natural beauty will make you feel an unforgettable vacation.

Patagonia, Argentina and Chile

Set foot in Patagonia like heading to another planet. Patagonia is a plateau with jagged mountains and blue glacial lakes stretching at the tip of South America.

In December, high temperatures there reached 70 Fahrenheit, while low temperatures were 20 degrees Celsius. The summer solstice will take day for 16 hours longer. These extra hours are the right conditions for climbing on the jagged granite peaks via Cerro Fitz Roy.

A visit to Patagonia is also incomplete if you don’t see the Perito Moreno Glacier, a stretch of glacier stretching in southern Argentina and Chile.

Getting tired of climbing, you can walk to downtown El Calafate to look for typical Patagonia snacks such as Patagonian lamb cuisine. (cnn/lna)

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