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BerandaTravelForeign Ministry Monitoring Security Situation in Afghanistan

Foreign Ministry Monitoring Security Situation in Afghanistan

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NUSADAILY.COM – JAKARTA – The Foreign Ministry and the Indonesian embassy in Kabul are continuously monitoring the security situation in Afghanistan following the US announcing an end to its military mission in the country by August 31 this year.

“To protect Indonesian nationals in Kabul, the Foreign Ministry and the Indonesian Embassy in Kabul have formulated a contingency plan to anticipate any possibilities,” director of Indonesian citizens and legal entities at the Foreign Ministry, Judha Nugraha, said in a written statement released on Saturday quoted from Antara.

The Indonesian embassy has established communication with relevant parties to monitor the safety of Indonesian nationals in Afghanistan, he informed.

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“Based on the initial database of the Indonesian embassy in Kabul, 46 Indonesians are staying in Afghanistan,” he said.

However, most of them have returned to Indonesia, he informed adding, only three Indonesians are currently still in Afghanistan.

US President Joe Biden has announced that the US military mission in Afghanistan will end on August 31, 2021 and asked the Afghan people to determine their future themselves.

Reuters quoted Biden as saying that he will not involve more US generations in the two-decade-old armed conflict in Afghanistan.

He further said the Afghan military has the capacity to evict the Taliban.

He also debunked a US intelligence report which predicted the US-backed government in Kabul would collapse in six months amid concerns over a civil war.(mic)

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