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BerandaSportTokyo Olympics need an additional 1.9 Billion US Dollars

Tokyo Olympics need an additional 1.9 Billion US Dollars

NUSADAILY.COM-JAKARTA – The Tokyo Olympics which were delayed due to the corona virus may require an additional cost of 1.9 billion US dollars. That value was from the original budget of $ 13 billion, up 15 percent, said one report Sunday.

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Olympic organizers will formally decide on a budget increase for the Olympics as early as mid-December. That was after communicating with the Japanese government and the host city Tokyo. This data corresponds to the Yomiuri Shimbun report, citing unnamed Olympic sources.

The 2020 Olympics were postponed a year due to the worldwide spread of COVID-19, and are now scheduled to open on 23 July 2021.

But the delay has created many new costs. Namely, from re-ordering venues and transportation to maintaining a large staff of the organizing committee.

With many countries experiencing second and even third wave infections. There were doubts about whether the event could be held. But Olympic organizers and officials stressed that it could be carried out safely.

An additional 200 billion yen (1.9 billion US dollars) in costs that before the coronavirus was estimated at 1.35 trillion yen (13 billion US dollars) emerged. Although organizers last month cut $ 280 million by cutting everything. Starting from staff to making fireworks. But the new figures do not include the cost of coronavirus-related measures, the report said.

March 2021 Tokyo Olympic Trials

Officials expect virus-related measures to be paid for by the Japanese government, the report said. Plans for a cheaper and lower cost Olympics were revealed in September. With fewer free tickets, athlete welcoming ceremonies were eliminated and savings on banners, mascots and food.

The report comes after a senior official on Friday. Yang said the Tokyo Olympic trial events will resume in March. And decisions regarding audience attendance will be made in the spring.

Organizers and officials are considering a long list. It is likely the virus precautions they hope will enable the Olympics to stage, even if a vaccine is not yet available.

International Olympic Committee chairman Thomas Bach earlier this month said he was “very confident” the Olympics would have an audience.

Yet enthusiasm for the Olympics appears to be waning in Japan. With polls over the summer revealing only one in four Japanese citizens want the Olympics to happen. And most of them support further delay or immediate cancel.

Officials from the organizers of the Tokyo Olympics could not immediately be reached for comment. (cak)

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