Police Confirm Menpora Cup Held with Strict Health Protocols

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piala menpora
Ilustrasi: Pendukung Pasoepati mengusung poster Dukung Piala Menpora 2021 dari Rumah Saja saat kampanye di Stadion Manahan, Solo, Jawa Tengah, Selasa (17/3/2021). ANTARA FOTO/Maulana Surya/rwa.

NUSADAILY.COM – JAKARTA – The Police of the Republic of Indonesia (Polri) ensured that the 2021 Menpora Cup football match held on Sunday (21/3) was held by implementing strict health protocols (prokes).

“As directed by the Chief of Police General of Police. Listyo Sigit Prabowo youth and sports activities must be conducted with discipline and commitment from all parties concerned in implementing health protocols,” said Kadiv Public Relations Police Irjen Pol. Argo Yuwono in his written statement, Sunday (21/3).

Argo asserted that the police will not hesitate to stop and give strict sanctions to the organizers if they do not apply or violate the prokes.

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The police granted permission for the implementation of the Menpora Cup football with several records, namely all matches without the presence of spectators in the stadium which was broadcast live by television stations and online media.

In addition, limiting the number of players, officials, organizers, security officers, invitations, and media crews in the match area to a maximum of 299 people.

The match was held in a stadium in the green zone area of COVID-19.

“There is strict enforcement of the rules,” argo said.

Previously, Secretary of the Ministry of Youth and Sports (Sesmenpora) Gatot S. Dewa Broto asserted that the police have the right to stop the fight in case of violations of the prokes.

“No need to worry, this is just a test, the police have the right to stop the fight if there is a violation of the prokes during the Menpora cup title,” Gatot said when confirmed by the media crew, Jakarta, Saturday (20/3).

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Gatot said that his party has conducted coordination meetings with all stakeholders, such as PSSI, PT LIB, and Polri. That is so that football activities can take place safely from the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19.

According to him, PSSI and PT LIB have proven the title of the match is in accordance with the prokes when holding a test match indonesia U-22 national team against two Indonesian clubs, early Last March.

“PSSI and LIB’s already explained the prokes in the stadium before and after. The two games were smooth,” Gatot said.

Organizer’s Challenge

Gatot suggested that the menpora cup event is a challenge for the organizers to carry out sports activities in the middle of the pandemic.

Moreover, in other countries today there are already some who have held sports matches such as football. In fact, the condition is the same as Indonesia, being hit by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“PSSI, tuh, challenged (challenged), all parties want to know how to apply health protocols,” said Gatot.

Provisions of the National Police

Another note from the police in the implementation of the Menpora Cup football is that the person in charge is obliged to obey the provisions, such as maintaining security and order in the activities in question.

Prevent when it is indicated that there is a deviation from the purpose of the activity that has been stated written in the statement of permission application.

Then, within 3 x 24 hours before the activity, report to the local police.

Comply with other provisions provided by local officials in relation to the activities to be carried out.

Furthermore, comply with the rules and protocols for handling COVID-19 set by local authorities.

Other police records, where there are irregularities and/or violations of the provisions in this letter, police/security officers may disperse/stop or take other actions based on the provisions of the law.

This crowd permit is given to the interested to be used as it should be, except in case there is a mistake will be held error as necessary.

In the event of exceptional circumstances, the crowd permit that has been issued will be suspended/revoked.

Menpora Cup 2021 from March 21 to April 25, 2021. The tournament was held in four cities as the host, namely Solo, Bandung, Sleman, and Malang.

There were 28 matches during the group phase. The inaugural match was opened by Arema FC’s match against Persikabo 1973 and PSIS Semarang against Barito Putra at Manahan Stadium, Solo, Sunday (21/3). (lna)