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BerandaSportPersija Receives AFC Professional Club License After Received Appeal

Persija Receives AFC Professional Club License After Received Appeal

JAKARTA – Club Liga 1 Indonesia Persija Jakarta obtained the AFC professional club license after their appeal was accepted by the Club Licensing Appeal Committee.

Quoted from the official website of PSSI in Jakarta, Saturday, the acting Secretary General of PSSI Yunus Nusi said that there were several mistakes made by the club management so that Persija did not get an AFC 2020 license directly at the first opportunity.

“It cannot be separated from the imperfections of the management of PT Persija Jaya Jakarta during the previous ‘club licensing’ process. Moreover, there is a document input error in the system. But of course PSSI accepts all input, documents and existing evidence, ”said Yunus.

Persija itself submitted an appeal note number 235 / PJJ / LIGA_1 / XI-2020 on November 25, 2020.

An appeal step was taken by the club management nicknamed Macan Kemayoran after initially they were not included in the list of clubs in Indonesia which were decided to be entitled to an AFC license in 2020.

Before Persija’s appeal was passed by the appeal committee, there were six clubs that obtained the license according to the Club Licensing Committee’s decision on November 19, 2020, namely Bali United, Persipura, Bhayangkara FC, Borneo FC, Persib and Arema FC.

This news is certainly quite cool for Persija, who celebrated its 92nd birthday on Saturday (28/11).

Kemayoran Tigers are also confirmed to be able to participate in official AFC competitions such as the Asian Champions League or the AFC Cup.

The licensing of a professional by the AFC itself is a process of standardizing and verifying the quality of management of a professional football club.

There are five aspects that must be fulfilled by a club to obtain this license, namely sports (sporting), infrastructure, personnel and administration, legal and financial.

In 2020, all or 18 Indonesian League 1 teams will follow the process to obtain the license. (Aka)



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