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BerandaSportChase the Uber Cup, Asked About the Asylum

Chase the Uber Cup, Asked About the Asylum

Susi Susanti: Love All, a biographical film of one of Indonesia’s badminton legends, was released in Indonesian theaters starting Thursday (10/24/2019).

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This film is Sim F’s second work as a director. Previously he directed Sanubari Jakarta (2012). While the writers of Susi Susanti: Love All are Syarika Bralini, Raditya, Raymond Lee, Daud Sumolang, and Sinar Ayu Massie.

In the trailer, the video opens at the 1998 Hong Kong Uber Cup Hong Kong Badminton Championship. At that time, one of the reporters interviewed Susi Susanti.

“What is happening in Indonesia? Are you going to seek a asylum in this country or another country? Do you still consider yourself Indonesian? “Questions that arose from the reporter. At that time, Indonesia was hit by riots.

Back to the past, the trailer showed the process of little Susi who had loved badminton. Love, practice and perseverance brought her to national training. Beside the support of a large family, Liang Chiu Sia as a coach and his colleagues also had a big hand.

The long and arduous process she carried out then took her to the Barcelona Olympics, a moment that will continue to be remembered by the Indonesian nation as a badminton gold medalist.

Representing Indonesia in the international arena during the riots, presents its own problems. One of them is in terms of administration.

But whatever it is, the athletes who are playing also have an “opportunity” to show that everybody can be heroes. Through the achievements that are being fought for, it becomes a unity capital in Indonesia which is very susceptible to break. Especially, Susi is a Chinese who at that time lived under threat.

Susi’s background also made a reporter ask about the asylum. Reporting from Tirto, Susi confirmed her interview with the reporter.

“At that time I was invited to his office during the Thomas Cup, Uber Cup championship. When Indonesia riots occur, we are struggling to defend Indonesia in Hong Kong,” said Susi Susanti.

In this film, the name Susi is a change from Susy’s real name with “y”. Danial Mananta, as the producer, said that they had talked about it from the beginning. Daniel said that there was a story behind the name change.
In the beginning Susi entered the Jaya Raya Badminton Training, there were two people named Susi. One Susy Susanti and one Susi Lubis. Their names were switched. “When I was playing there, Susy Susanti was even said to be Susi Lubis. Finally entered, it’s apparently the wrong person, “said Deniel.

Susi Lubis uses the letter “i”, so that until now, Susy Susanti’s last name uses the letter “i” as well.

Reza Hidayat, who is also a producer, has conducted research, including in the international badminton federation. “Those listed in the badminton federation, especially at the Olympic Museum use‘ i.” Susy Susanti also agreed to the name change.

Laura Basuki plays Susi Susanti. Other players include Dion Wiyoko, Lukman Sardi, Farhan, Chew Kin Wah, Kelly Tandiono, Rafael Tan, Nathaniel Sulistyo, Jenny Zhang, Iszur Muchtar, Dayu Wijanto, Delon, and Moira Tabina Zayn.

As the main actor in this film, Laura Basuki has previously played in several films such as Terbang: Menembus Langit (2018), DOA (Doyok-Otoy-Ali Oncom): Cari Jodoh (2018), The Returning (2018), Love and Faith (2018) 2015), Haji Backpacker (2014), Madre (2013), Republic Twitter (2012), Di Timur Matahari (2012), 3 Hati Dua Dunia Satu Cinta (2010), and Gara-gara Bola (2008). (wan)


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