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37,751 Workers in East Java Got laid off

NUSADAILY.COM- SURABAYA- The dynamics of the number of workers and workers affected by COVID-19 continues to increase. Shredding the virus, which was first plagued in Wuhan, China to the heart of the company’s defenses, finally deflected the relationship between the skipper and the workers. Increasing number of workers and laid-off workers and layoffs.

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Head of the East Java Province Manpower Office Himawan Estu Bagijo said that as of today, Tuesday, May 5, 2020, the total reached 45,643 people. That number is divided into three categories.

First the workers or laborers who were laid off. Then the workers or workers affected by layoffs, and the three workers or Indonesian migrant workers who have problems.

“We also identified troubled migrant workers as well as four categories. Namely terminated contracts, deported, laid off and failed to leave due to COVID-19, “Himawan Estu told Nusadaily.com.

From the data above, it is detailed that the number of companies laying off workers is 556 in East Java. Those who were laid off were 32,403 in total. They are also the ones who are entitled to help because affected by COVID-19.

There were 5,348 workers affected by layoffs from 210 companies in East Java.

Now, related to Indonesian migrant workers the total number of these categories is 7,892 people. Consisting of those who broke contracts there were 2,189 people, who had problems until deported there were 165 people, and those affected by layoffs were 223 people. While those who failed to leave there were 5,315 people.

Himawan said, this figure is predicted to change in the future. He hopes that in the near future the Covid outbreak will stop soon. (ima / top)



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