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When Jokowi Encourages HateFul Foreign Products

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NUSADAILY.COM – JAKARTA – President Joko Widodo, urged Indonesians to hate foreign products. He asked the public to love local products.

“Domestic products echo, echo also hate foreign products. Not just love, but hate. Love our goods, hate foreign products,” said Jokowi in the Inauguration of the Opening of the National Working Meeting of the Ministry of Trade in 2021, Thursday (4/3).

Jokowi hopes that people can become loyal consumers for domestic products. That way, sales from local producers can increase in the future.

Furthermore, the head of state also ordered the Ministry of Trade to have policies and strategies in marketing local products. One of them is by placing small and medium-sized micro enterprises (MSMEs) in strategic places.

“Shopping centers, malls should continue to be pushed from Jakarta to the region to be made indonesian products, especially MSMEs. Do not let the front room, strategic locations are filled by foreign brands,” said Jokowi.

He asked the Ministry of Trade to arrange for the location of overseas brand sales to be moved to a non-strategic place. Thus, all strategic places will be allotments of local brands.

“Branding must be attached to love Indonesian products more than foreign products. The number of 270 million people should be loyal consumers to our own products,” said Jokowi.

He added that MSMEs should also be helped to increase their sales abroad. Because, MSMEs often have difficulty with capacity problems due to lack of capital.

“Encourage banks to want to inject funds for MSMEs so that capacity can increase,” concluded Jokowi. (sir)

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