Vice President: Digital Technology Helps The Nation Through The Difficult Times of Pandemic

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ma'ruf digital
Wakil Presiden Ma'ruf Amin memberikan arahan pada acara puncak peringatan Hari Tuberkulosis Sedunia Tahun 2021 secara daring dari Jakarta, Rabu (24/3/2021). (Asdep KIP Setwapres)

NUSADAILY.COM – JAKARTA – The existence of digital technology has helped Indonesia through the difficult times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This was conveyed by Vice President Ma’ruf Amin virtually at the Nahdliyin Employers Association (HPN) Digital Business Forum held in Bali 26-28 March 2021.

Ma’ruf in a written statement received in Jakarta, Sunday said that economic activity, government, education, and social communication during the pandemic can still run thanks to the help of digital technology.

“Innovations in utilizing real digital technology have been going on for some time, becoming accelerated globally due to the pandemic. Pandemic forces us to adapt while spurring literacy and utilization of technology,” said Ma’ruf reported from Antara.

According to Ma’ruf, the “compulsion” to adapt and improve technology utilization literacy has removed all barriers and barriers, be it age, gender, geography, and education level.

“Now, we are all part of the global digital community,” he said.

Sharia Economic Development

On that occasion, Ma’ruf also discussed the development of sharia economy. He said that the government has a strong commitment to develop sharia economy, focusing on the development of halal industry, Sharia finance industry, Sharia social fund, as well as sharia business development and expansion.

All of these things, he said, will encourage more resilient micro and small businesses to become part of the global value chain.

Ma’ruf also encouraged the Nahdliyin Employers Association to build inclusive cooperation with various stakeholders, both local governments, industries, technology providers, as well as small and large companies, to spur the growth of Sharia business centers in regions throughout Indonesia, where each center is equipped with digital infrastructure to facilitate interactions and transactions among Sharia businesses.

“I invite all parties to develop incubation centers to help prospective entrepreneurs at all levels in many regions,” said the Vice President. (mic)