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BerandaheadlinesTransmission Increases, China is Alert for Corona Volume 2

Transmission Increases, China is Alert for Corona Volume 2

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NUSADAILY.COM – Beijing – A number of districts in the Chinese capital, Beijing, have re-imposed social restrictions and closed schools on Monday (6/15). This follows a surge in cases of corona virus transmission.

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Over the past two months China has not reported new cases of infection. But in the past four days, the Beijing city government recorded 79 cases of transmission, the largest cluster since February.

The return of Covid-19 to Beijing sparked uneasy economic actors. Because the city which is at the heart of the operations of multinational companies in China should be the epicenter of post-epidemic economic recovery.

“The risk of an outbreak is enormous, so we must take decisive steps,” Xu Hejiang, spokesman for the Beijing City Government, told Reuters news agency through Checkpoints were rebuilt throughout the city, and residents were ordered to undergo corona tests.

This time the traced transmission case started at the Xinfadi market, where thousands of tons of meat, vegetables and fruits exchange hands every day.

With a complex of 160 football fields, Xinfadi is not only listed as the largest food market in Asia, but is also 20 times wider than the meat market in Wuhan, which was the site of the first corona outbreak.

Fast-moving health authorities

At least three districts in Beijing enter “martial law,” with a 24-hour checkpoint, the closure of schools and sports facilities, as well as mandatory body temperature tests at every shopping center, supermarket or office building.

Several districts reportedly conducted “knock on the door operations,” where health workers went around tracking residents who visited Xinfadi or had contact with one of the market visitors.

Monday (15/6) morning Beijing health authorities reported taking samples from 8,950 residents, according to Gao Xiaojun, spokesman for the Public Health Commission in Beijing at a news conference. He admitted that so far 6,075 people had been declared negative by the corona virus.

The World Health Organization (WHO) said it had received a report on the latest cluster in Beijing and steps to investigate by the Chinese government. “WHO is informed that the results of genetic sequencing will be published soon after the laboratory analysis has been completed,” the UN organization wrote in a press statement.

According to an Epidemiologist who works for the Chinese government, DNA sequencing so far shows that the Xinfadi outbreak could have originated in Europe. Concern over the surge in transmission cases has made a number of cities and provinces in China ready. Residents are reminded not to travel to Beijing. Those who have to travel are required to undergo isolation for two weeks.

The economy is worried about the corona outbreak in volume two

The threat of the emergence of the second wave of corona outbreaks triggered the uncertain attitude of market participants. Current cases of transmission are not only increasing in China, but also in a number of states in the United States, in Rome, Italy and Tokyo, Japan.

“This means that the virus has not lost its infectious power, it has not weakened,” WHO Deputy Director Ranieri Guerra told Italian journalists. “We must not be careless,” he added.

Something similar was expressed by market analyst Stephen Innes of AxiCorp. According to him, investor confidence had recovered when social restrictions succeeded in reducing transmission rates. “But a spike in transmission rates will test market determination,” he said.

Economic recovery is increasingly dependent on the alertness of production centers to reduce the threat of outbreaks. Baoding, a heavy industrial city in Hebei province, China, which is connected by a fast train 150km away from Beijing, now watches everyone who enters strictly.

“Every entrance to Baoding will be heavily guarded to prevent transmission from spreading within the city,” wrote a state media quoting a Chinese official. The swift flow of goods and people between the two cities is the biggest challenge to overcome the plague. Now the Chinese government imposes martial law in the city. (wan)

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