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BerandaNewsTNI Deploys 29.736 Personnel For "Tracing" COVID-19

TNI Deploys 29.736 Personnel For “Tracing” COVID-19

NUSADAILY.COM -JAKARTA- The TNI will deploy 29,736 personnel to trace COVID-19 in seven provinces in Java and Bali that implement micro-scale Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM).

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The 29,736 personnel consisted of 27,866 Bintara Village Supervisors (Babinsa), 1,768 Bintara Maritime Potential Builders (Babinpotmar) of the Navy and 102 Bintara Pembina Potensi Dirgantara (Babinpotdirga) TNI AU.

“TNI personnel deployed will trace COVID-19 in 7 provinces in Java-Bali that carry out Micro-Scale PPKM,” said TNI Marshal Commander Hadi Tjahjanto while leading the Apple Title of Readiness of Vaccinators and Tracer Covid-19 in Mabes TNI, Cilangkap, East Jakarta, Tuesday morning.

Before being deployed in their respective working areas, said the COMMANDER of the TNI, the Babinsa, Babinpotmar, and Babinpotdirga will be given training to be a tracer of COVID-19.

“So that in addition to serving as the enforcer of health protocol discipline, the TNI soldiers can help the government to carry out tracing COVID-19 in the community,” said the former Chief of Staff of the Air Force (Kasau).

In addition, he continued, the TNI has also prepared TNI health workers as vaccinators to support the national vaccination program that has been proclaimed by the government.

“Currently the TNI has 1,008 verified vaccinators and will increase that number by training 10,000 new vaccinators,” he said.

TNI has also prepared cold chain devices in the form of coolboxes that have been distributed to advanced health facilities, FKTL TNI, in seven provinces that become the heavy point of PPKM Micro Scale and vaccination.

It is expected that with the readiness of human resources and health facilities, he added, the TNI can support the program launched by President Jokowi some time ago.

The TNI commander also said he was proud to see the readiness of apple participants in the degree of readiness which includes 500 Babinsa, 30 Babinpotmar, and 30 Babinpotdirga, 25 TNI vaccinators, as well as 475 health workers and TNI soldiers who will serve as COVID-19 tracers.

“This will be the readiness of the TNI to carry out the president’s instruction in the implementation of micro-scale PPKM policy in Java and Bali,” he said.

Present in the apple readiness, namely Minister of Health Budi Gunadi Sadikin, Kasal Admiral TNI Yudo Margono, Rafters Marshal TNI Fadjar Prasetyo and terrace officials TNI. (sak/ant)

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