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BerandaNewsThe Jakarta Authorities Reopened Four Parks in Central Jakarta

The Jakarta Authorities Reopened Four Parks in Central Jakarta

NUSADAILY.COM -JAKARTA- The Jakarta authorities reopened four parks in Central Jakarta to the public, albeit enforcing Micro-Scale Activity Restriction (PPKM) amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The parks were reopened since Saturday (Mar 13) under the supervision of several officers to ensure that visitors comply with the health protocols.

“The city parks are opened but with a maximum capacity of 50 percent. Security guards are also readied to oversee the implementation of health protocols in line with the current regulations,” Head of the Central Jakarta Urban Forests and Parks Mila Ananda stated here on Saturday.

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The four parks are the Lapangan Banteng Park located near the Pasar Baru area, Sumenep Promade Park situated in proximity to the HI Roundabout, the disability-friendly Setara Tanamur Park in East Tanah Abang, and the Slipi Fly Over (FO) Park designed for skateboarding enthusiasts.

Apart from placing a cap on the number of visitors and setting up surveillance, facilities for washing hands are also offered to enable residents to apply the 3M health protocols.

Ananda emphasized that it was compulsory for visitors at the park to wear face masks.

“We are keen to provide safe and comfortable green open spaces by cleaning and providing facilities at the parks. However, residents are also expected to care for their own health by wearing masks or carrying hand sanitizers for self-protection,” she explained.

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The opening of other parks in the capital city is also likely to follow suit.

“We will see the results of the evaluation first. If it turns out that the people can comply with the implementation of health protocols and the results are good, then of course, we will open other parks gradually,” she affirmed.

Visitors at the parks should also ensure that their body temperature is below 37.5 degrees Celsius, follow the path marked in the parks, maintain a safe required distance, and avoid crowding. (sak)



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