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The budget for The Development of Roads to Three Beach Tourism in South Blitar Reaches IDR 10 Billion

NUSADAILY.COM – BLITAR – Since the last few years, the Blitar District Government (Pemkab) has focused on developing tourist areas. The development of access roads to tourist attractions is not spared from the efforts of the Regency Government to realize tourism that can attract tourists to visit.
In 2020, the Blitar Regency Government has prepared a budget of up to Rp 10 billion to build a road to three beach tourism in southern Blitar. Among them the path to Pangi Beach Tourism, Jolosutro Beach, and Pasur Beach.
Blitar District Head of Public Works and Spatial Planning (PUPR), Aris Dwi Nurcahyo said that the Tumpakkinggi route to Pangi Beach in Bakung District has been budgeted at Rp 5,694,000,000. The budget sourced from the Special Allocation Fund (DAK) is used for road improvement development. Later the road builder is in the form of concrete with a length of about 1.3 kilometers.
“For the process of procuring goods and services, we have submitted them to LPSE, as well as coordinating with the BLP regarding the file requirements for auctions that are still lacking,” said Aris, Wednesday (1/22/20).
Furthermore, for the construction of the Gondangtapen road to Jolosutro Beach in Wates District, it is also an improvement of the road. The prepared budget reaches Rp 350 million. Finally, the road construction is in the form of periodic maintenance of the village road of Bululawang to Pasur Beach in Bakung District. The prepared budget reaches Rp 4 billion.
“The development of Jolosutro Beach is part of the vision and mission of the regional head. While the direction towards Pasur Beach is the result of regional proposals through the subdistricts or deliberations on the development plan (musrenbang) in 2019,” he explained.
Aris claimed that he could not determine the type of building, it could be hot mix or concrete. Because it requires time to conduct surveys directly on site. It is hoped that soon they will be able to conduct field surveys immediately.
“After being surveyed, we will immediately carry out the planning, the RAB, and the design. When it is finished, we will immediately bid. We will try it within the next two months, everything will be finished,” he added. (Tan)



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